I main Dan, Abe, and Ibuki in Super Street Fighter IV, and Sakura and Hugo in USFIV. Do you have any similar characters to main online in SFV?

Hi, I’m a rather beginner (think: D level in ssfiv and usfiv) in Street Fighter, and despite owning Street Fighter V for like, 2 years now, I have it on Playstation and don’t have that pesky subscription to play it online. When I do get that subscription however…do you have any characters in SFV that are similar to play as (style wise like…rushdown w/e I can’t keep track of all the terms, I’m more of a lore guy ALA Steven Mane) Dan, Ibuki, and Abel in SSFIV and Sakura and Hugo in USFIV? From playing Ibuki in SFV I feel like her style has changed a lot (she was more…speed based in SSFIV? But now she’s more like. Traps based, mind games that sorta thing and I don’t think. I’m kinda unga bunga in that sense) and I haven’t bought Sakura (though I am buying Champion Edition as a new disk since my current SFV disk often fails to be recognized on PS4). Anyway, do you know any characters similar in playstyle to like, Dan, Sakura, Ibuki, and Abel? Hugo is optional because I’m not as good as him, especially against characters like Ryu. If you want me to give you my mains from SFxT, I mained Sakura, Poison, and Hugo and did pretty well as them, so if you want other characters who play like that that’d be fine. Maybe characters who play like Rufus as well, as I’m starting to main him and although I’m not good at him yet he’s fun to play as (I’m sorry, but Snake Strike is fun to spam).

Thanks! Sorry if this comes off as incoherent, I can get that way sometimes.

Saikyutie, the Number One Dan Stan

Sakura is more or less the same in V from what I’ve seen and since you played Abel try Alex out. They both have the similar style of mixed grappler so you’ll probably have fun with him.

Thanks! I don’t have Alex (only had enough to buy Ibuki lol) but that sounds good!

I just use Ryu and Ken. Since those two are the Player 1 and Player 2 in every Street Fighter game, and fairly easy to pick up and play IMHO, they’re all I need.