I made two Templates for my HRAP, suggestions for improvement?

This is my FIRST ever attempt at using GIMP at a serious level, and also my first attempt at trying to make some form of art. I personally am unsure which of these templates I should use.

This is the first template I created.

My initial thoughts was that it looked tacky with all of the logos pasted all over it, and I know I made some mistakes notably the visible outline around Ryu, and the white pixelated mess in the text I use for my signature.

My second attempt seems to be a little better, and goes for something much more simple based on the image in my avatar, and the Street Fighter logo inverted from it’s original colors instead of just completely changing the hue to be blue like I did with the Ryu one.

These are low-res versions of the original templates…I have the original Hi-Res versions available if anyone wants to see them. I opted to not waste the forums bandwidth because the topic is likely to be deleted after I decide on which template to choose from, or get pointers to improve and possible make an even better one.

I made another template.

Any suggestions or thoughts for improvement?

I’m probably going to use White Sanwa buttons with a White Seimitsu bubble top.

Or perhaps I stick with my Blue theme and use transparent Blue Seimitsu buttons with the Blue Bubbletop

I made another template.

White Balltop and Red Buttons might make this look good.