I made some Custom Art for my old Fightsticks

Hey guys and gals,

In celebration of the game’s release i modified the art on my old SF4 Fightsticks. check it out

Im planning on making them dual-mod sticks but not sure how to really go about it, i have only just started to look through the tech forums. im somewhat new to these forums, this is my first thread. ive normally been a lurker around the SF4-AE topics and KoF.

thanks for checking out my thread :slight_smile:

are you starting with PS3 or Xbox sticks?

edit: I looked more closely at your picture.

The simplest way would be to get a Cthulhu (I suggest a MC cthulhu in case you want it to be compatible with more systems in the future). because there’s much less soldering involved. + a manual switch or an Imp so you don’t activate both boards at the same time when plugged into a console.

wire the buttons to the cthulhu board, then attach both powers to opposite ends of the switch. That’s about it, for a dual mod.

Looks awesome.


This is what I did the day the game came out on Xbox

Thanks guys for the helpful info guys.

@KidPanda, nice work on those two SG joysticks. :slight_smile:

if you are good at soldering then go with the chimp smd method…I think there may be a way to use a kitty board on it but that would require you probably making a hole in the case for a neutrik…

Kid Panda I have left you a message if you could please reply

Hot damn, do you take requests for custom artwork?

Those are fucking gorgeous.

Kinda makes me wish I didn’t play on pad

Ive never thought about taking requests ive made some but just for fun before. these were the first two i committed to completing for the art mod.
I just get busy with family and my day job taht i can easily get distracted from putting all effort into my personal projects. but if you have a solid idea of what you want pm me and we can try to work something out.

Thanks, and thanks everyone else for the compliments