I made me own blanka mod these are what i think his changes should be please download and test out

here are the changes

  • cl.lp removed, replaced with lp
  • c.lk decreased startup
  • c.mk more hitstun
  • mp less startup
  • c.hp less startup
  • mp cancellable
  • cl.hk cancellable
  • forward hop speed increased
  • charge time for all horizontal charge specials reduced

put them in the Steam\SteamApps\common\super street fighter iv - arcade edition\patch_1_06\battle\regulation\latest_ae\BLK folder make sure you back up the originals

Why would you make a mod of what you thing his changes SHOULD be rather than what his changes WILL be?

because i can’t get ball to fadc from anywhere nor can i get h ball to knock down from anywhere and i haven’t fully grasped how to use the ono! program so I can’t get exact hitstun correctly

ball isn’t gonna fadc from anywhere dude…

read the change logs.

it’s upball fadc and ontop of that i’m pretty sure it’s just during startup

but honestly nobody is gonna download your patch because

  1. it’s not even close to the current change log
  2. it’s not crazy enough for those who are interested in some ‘rainbow style’ Street Fighter

either one, I can’t figure out how to get any ball to FADC