I made a order to Paradise Arcade Shop , i think they sent me the wrong part?

hi SRK members , i made a order to Paradise Arcade Shop a couple of weeks ago and received it today…

amongst other things i ordered i got a ’ Seimitsu LB-30 Solid Black Ball Top ’ for my Neo Geo AES Stick

if i put the Ball Top side by side with the AES its too big , and if i put it side by side with my Hori PS3 Stick it looks to match that

am i correct that Paradise Shop has sent me the wrong Ball Top ?

i thought Seimitsu LB-30 Solid Black Ball Top’s are the same size as Neo Geo AES Stick Ball Top’s

chat soon

Looks like you got the wrong part.

That said, you really should just get in touch with @armi0024‌ or use their own thread instead of making a separate thread for it.

this is my first order with Paradise Arcade Shop , is @armi0024‌ the owner or picker over there ?

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The NEO GEO AES have a smaller than normal ball top.

thanks guys for all the info , im going to PM @armi0024‌ now

It appears the AES has a 25mm balltop according to this guy, but the threading is the same based on what these other dudes are saying. May be where the confusion came in. I don’t know that you got a wrong part though, as an LB-30 should look bigger than an AES balltop if it really is 25mm.

Did you (consciously) order the Seimitsu LB-30 Solid Black Ball Top thinking it’d be the same size as your AES balltop?
Because it sounds like that’s the case, and that’s more of you having ordered the wrong part rather than PAS having sent you the wrong part…

I’ve got wrong parts once or twice. Susan always makes it right. Hit her up on Google hangouts.

I am so confused by those 2 things…

LB-30 is 30mm diameter.

You’re right to doubt what dubious websites claim. The ** original AES “crack prone” purplish hue balltop is 30mm diameter**, I measured it myself with a caliper . Perhaps there is a confusion on various websites between the original AES stick and the later bean shaped one with that weird looking top that’s part bat top, part ball, like those seen on industrial joysticks (video-audio mixing) and early computer sticks, anyways the link you provided (neogeo forums ) as source for the info is either edited or not the right one, since there is no mention of 25mm. Only the dude on shoryuken states it is “25mm”. Perhaps he alone mixed things up.

Yep, original AES balltop is 30mm and standard Sanwa balls measures 35mm.

I just measured both with digital calipers.