I love Crossover Games

With Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom being the 7 or 8th crossover game( I forget) in the series, I can’t help but wonder what if they made some kind of super crossover(not counting the 3-D fighting games). Like with the major 2-D games and maybe even some of the lesser known and doujin ones. It would be awesome. Difficult to do but awesome.

The Big Ones----------------------------

Capcom- Street Fighter/Vampire/Final Fight/Sengoku Basara X etc.

SNK- Fatal Fury/King of Fighters/Art of Fighting/Samurai Showdown/Metal Slug etc.

The Lesser Ones(but still awesome)------------------------

Arc System Works- Guilty Gear/Blazblue

Examu- Arcana Heart/Daemon Bride

Now here are the games that even less know about: the Doujin games. They are usually only on the computer. But some have made it to arcade status.

Melty Blood- Probably the most famous doujin. based off a visual novel.

Akatsuki Blitzkamf- Fun game with German overtones.

Monster Ancient Cline- It’s Furry ok? Sue me. Part of Examu by port.

Million Knights Vermillion- Bland gameplay but decent character designs.

Big Bang Beat- I had fun with this game. Nobody else did.

Destruction Desire- Extremely, and I mean extremely Guilty Gear like.

Vanguard Princess- Just got this game. I love it.

I know there are a miilion doujin fighters out there, but most of them are the super defromed cutesy stuff like Eternal Fighter Zero and Glove On Fight. It’s hard for me to really get into that stuff, but I have played them.

Posting in a quality thread.

Don’t you have a Livejournal, man?

Hey guys what if they made EVERY game character into a huge fighting game?

http://www.mugenation.com/ :rolleyes:

Yeah, how about something made by professionals that isn’t so awful to play? I love crossovers but Mugen to me, just sucks.

capcom vs fucking anything on the mvc2 engine please

I love discussing things that are never gonna happen. This game, if ever created will be heaven on earth for every being on the planet. It’s just too gdlk to ever be seen by the mortal eyes of human beings. Although, more so on topic, i do enjoy a good crossover. Just sad how one side is more broken than others…

Good luck balancing that, seriously.

who cares about “balance”

I love how OP had to remind us that it’s based off of a visual novel.

yeah it’s based off of the legend of donjon

Im reminded why I usually avoid FGD…

come for the fighters stay for the shitposters

Kind of insinuating that all that shit won’t happen so you’re best off with Mugen if you really want to play Ken vs. Sol-Badguy.

Well, there are those people. It will happen eventually in any thread.

Can’t forget about the OP too :tup:

Why don’t you count 3-D fighters…why hate?

Oh I don’t hate on 3-D fighters, I just felt like 2-D vs 2-D would be more appropriate for this. I love 3-D games just as much as 2-D, such as Tekken, Virtua Fighter, Bloody Roar and even Power Stone. Those are all amazing games. Virtua Fighter being my favorite. God I love that series. Is there any way I can play Virtua Fighter 5R in America or would I have to go to Japan?

Sega has no plans to port 5R to consoles in USA.

What is the point of this thread? that crossover games are cool? I love 'em too.

Of course Sega has no plans. Dammit that sucks.

And yeah, it’s just to say that crossover games are cool. I thought people might wanna discuss their favorite matchups.