I know what frame traps are but

I went into training mode with Cammy to figure out how to safely apply pressure on Chun Li trying to figure out how to stop her from immediately crouch teching my throws. I looked at the frame data found out Cammy’s Cl.Mp is +2 on block then I used Cr.Mp(5 frames startup) as a blockstring and I would either trade with her cr.Lp/cr.lk or beat it by counter hit? Which brings up the question if my timing was off wouldnt Chun Li have counter hit me? Or she couldnt counter hit me due to the knockback of Cammy’s Cl.mp and lack of range of her Cr.Lp>Cr.Lk? I recorded Cammy to do the Cl.mp>Cr.Mp and I was Chun Li trying to mash so is my execution just bad?
Sorry if this seems like a dumb question and I have no way to really tell if im messing up or if its due to range so I asked to see if things like this were possible.

Chun’s cr.lp/c.lk has 3f startup. If you’re +2 on block, you’ll need to use a normal that has a 4f startup or faster to beat someone who is mashing it.

I know that thats why I found it weird that her Cr.lp/lk only traded not counter hit me is that sort of thing possible because I tried it for like an hour only for Chun’s attack to trade with Cammys Cr.mp

It won’t counter hit unless your timing is off. A counter hit happens when a move hits the opponent while one of their moves is starting up. In order for Chun’s cr.lp/lk to counter hit Cammy’s cr.mp, it means Cammy’s cr.mp executed 1 or more frames later than it should have. If both players hit their moves on the earlier possible frame they will trade.

No. In this situation you will never beat Chun’s cr.LK/LP, you will only trade with it.

Frame zero: Chun blocks cl:mp:, puts Cammy at +2 advantage
Frame 1-12: Both characters are in recovery or block stun
Frame 13: Cammy recovers now and starts up cr:mp:, Chun is still in block stun for two more frames
Frame 14: Cammy’s cr:mp: is in the 1st frame of startup, Chun is still in block stun for this frame
Frame 15: Cammy’s cr:mp: is in the 2nd frame of startup, Chun recovers now and starts up cr:lk:
Frame 16: Cammy’s cr:mp: is in the 3rd frame of startup, Chun’s cr:lk: is in the 1st frame of startup
Frame 17: Cammy’s cr:mp: is in the 4th frame of startup, Chun’s cr:lk: is in the 2nd frame of startup
Frame 18: Cammy’s cr:mp:'s startup is complete, Chun’s cr:lk:'s startup is complete,
since both attacks are completing at the same time, they trade

You want to use an attack that starts up in 3 or 4 frames, otherwise you will not beat Chun’s cr:lk:.

Also, timing it properly is tough, since you have no kind of reversal window. You’re going to want to try plinking to get frame-traps coming out properly. You can’t plink LP, though. <_<;

You mostly can just dive kick with Cammy to beat crouch teching

Unless the other character uses the Dive kick/throw tech OS. Then you need to delay the dive kick to hit higher and go over the attack.

wow Ive been thinking about trying out the whole frame data thing but I thought it was too complicated but as the example is stated it does look as hard. thanks for teaching me frame data lol