I know its somewhere in this forum

So, after attempting to use the search bar, I was wondering if someone had a general walk through of building your own arcade stick? (360) from case to wiring.(that part needs to be detailed, I’m not good with that part. Ive failed in the past.) And also, about making the buttons light up when pressed. I was also considering fiber optics running through the casing. I’m making this for a friend, so I would like to make it flashy as hell. Oh and possible to make it in a fiberglass case? yes no. This is my first post. Someone help me.


a lot of google and just checking a few pages of backposts on here will help you a lot. i know because while i am waiting on parts to get shipped i have been reading about all of this every day for a few hours.



edit: for making buttons light up and all you will have to go a few pages back on here. there is a ton of knowledge on here as well as some other forums out there and other websites in general. mostly get used to soldering if you are not already and most of all just let yourself sink into the project so it becomes almost like a vacation. there will be some tough things that have to be done, but when it is all done it will be killer.

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there are tons of threads, you should read up on it and have specific questions…


http://slagcoin.com is your friend. PCB wiring images showing you where to solder, tutorials on making boxes, information on materials and parts

The other guys are lying, there is no info anywhere on the internet where you can find info on building joysticks.

The best part about these threads is, I imagine 99% of them resulting in some dude spending ten minutes on slagcoin.com and then ten minutes on lowes.com before his ADD sets in and he walks away from the project forever.

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Thanks i already checked slagcoin.com and I just need a little more in depth view of the soldering for a 360 controller. im going to attempt making a wireless one…



people think it’s EASY to do


I dont think its easy at all, but i have an idea for one that will make people wonder what i smoked to make this stick