I know ill get made fun of for this question

what do the abbreviations mean? eg. cr, xx, s.

is there a link to a thread stating so? thanks!

cr - crouching
xx - super cancel
s - standing

I don’t know if there is a thread on this.

and a super cancel is like when ryu throws a hadouken and immediately does super while still in air, correct?

This should help:


Why do people always make new topics whenever they wanna ask a question?

That should be in its own thread, stop derailing please :coffee:

LOL, I remember back in 01 I made a thread asking what is the effect that a Tiger Knee motion has on Cable’s hyper viper beam. Back then people would answer, but the problem now is we have too many users and it would cause a sever clutter.

sorry, wasnt aware it was an issue. :xeye:

its not an issue
this was really the best place to ask it



eg. is example given if i recall correctly

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About abbreviations: when playing online, use “gg” after ending normal game session and “bg” after beating a scrub

This is why I think this thread should be stickied - http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=166258

Sure, it will still be ignored but at least we can direct them to the right place.