I keep walking into cross ups

What is my problem, people keep getting easy cross ups on me and linking into damaging combos. I also can’t seem to get out of a corner when someone gets me in there i just keep getting locked into blocking and tick thrown. any tips apprecited.

My takes:

-Mind your opponent’s jumping arcs. Don’t let them in too close or you’ll open yourself up to a cross up attack.
-If people are bullying you in the corner play off their aggression with certain attacks and EX moves, learn the moves with invincible start up to get them off your case. Animals in the corner go crazy. But don’t go buck wild, though.

Who do you play? If it’s someone with a dp, the auto correct feature in this game make cross ups easy to defend against.

You should really be watching out for their jumping arcs, and try to find a pattern in your opponents playstyle. If you anticipate a cross up block in the other direction and be prepared for it and don’t let your opponent off easily.

Like the other posters said, watch for the jump arc. I have to add that if you’re in the corner, its automatic crossup for the most part so know that.

they are fishing for you to get into the space where they can jump in on you with little retaliation.

what you need to do is feign going in that space by walking somewhere else, you can counter or make them whiff completely.

Knowing their mixup options after a crossup and their combo sequences will also help. By knowing them, you can identify when and what move you can do to interrupt them.

That actually doesn’t work against a properly timed crossup. If they set it up right, they won’t cross over until after your dp is coming out.

Also, every game has the auto-correct feature. You just had to time it a little tighter in older games because the input window wasn’t so lenient in general. If you hit :dp: then the opponent crossed over you, and THEN you hit :p:, you would get a corrected DP in any game, provided you hit :p: within the timing for that game’s input window.

What game are you playing?

Try calling out an assist, and superjumping away from the corner, or pushblocking if you manage to block correctly, to gain some breathing room.

Might want to learn how to control space. You should know what your best ground poke is by now and how to anti air. Crossups are 100% avoidable unless they scored an untechable knockdown on you.

A semi compilation of what everyone is saying, plus my own 2 cents…super light version:

Your spacing. That’s really the foundation of every fighting game, let alone SF. If they are crossing you up while you’re standing as opposed to waking up (getting up when grounded), they have total control over the spacing in the match. So much so that they aren’t afraid to jump on you. That’s a very bad sign. You need to go back to training mode and study the spacing of your normals. Specifically…

Anti-Air. This has more to do with spacing/footsies than actually anti-airing a cross up (although if you’re playing a shoto, DP tracks, which makes cross ups stupid risky). Don’t just learn your character’s special anti-airs, but his/her normal anti-airs as well. Jumping should always be high risk for your opponent (I’m assuming you’re playing IV at this point…or ST…any game with no air blocking). You want it so that he only goes for cross up when he feels absolutely sure he is in the correct position to do so. Not just going for it because he knows you don’t know how to punish his jump ins without special. This goes back to studying your normals in training mode. I can’t stress enough, however, that your spacing is key. Some characters can move forward or backwards during a cross up attempt (since the attack usually comes a tad later, not forcing block) so you can screw up their spacing and anti-air/throw/whatever.

Blocking. You need to get some experience under your belt blocking cross ups. The general rule is to block away from the opponent depending on your sprite’s center axis (well, even that is flaky since it depends on hit boxes, but that’s how I learned). In other words, if you know it is a cross up “block forwards, not backwards”. After the block comes the mindgames. IV allows for some stupid good reversal timing, allowing for a nice DP in the middle of someone’s blocked combo. You can make a decision to reversal there or wait for them to finish their combo, then punish. Once you get to that point, your opponent will likely up their game to crossup, fake that they’re going to keep combo’ing to bait your reversal, punish…or tick cross up into throw attempt…or tick cross up bait your counter throw into a full combo instead… At that point, congratulations! You’ve both leveled up.

Getting out of corner depends on the situation. If he is putting you in the corner then constantly attacking point blank, you have all the options I mentioned in the last half of the blocking paragraph. If he has put a nice bit of space between you and is harrassing via well placed normals and projectiles…oh boy…you’ve been out footsied and you need to work on an escape plan (or work the spacing so the footsies are in your favor).

I highly recommend reading up on footsies from this great little article by Maj. It breaks down the basics all the way to advanced mind games…and practice, practice, practice…speaking of which, I need some. :stuck_out_tongue: