I keep losing. Could you guys help me with my Team?

Hi everyone. I am new to Marvel vs Capcom, and the only fighting game I’ve ever had some experience in is Street Fighter IV (which I am pretty bad at).

I have gone through and researched my movesets, combos and such and watched/read the strategy guide that you have on this website which was a great help. However, whenever I go online everything that I’ve learned just flies out the door and I get my backside really handed to me :wonder: I don’t know if I just don’t work well under pressure or if I really do just suck.

Some people say there is a problem with my team makeup, that it’s too weak and I leave myself little room for error. Currently I am using Zero, Viewtiful Joe, and Amaterasu. They are my favourite characters aesthetically, and I do feel comfortable playing them. People say Joe is weak, but every time I sub him out I miss his Mach Speed Hyper and his awesome air combo ability. I’m just not sure if I should be doing anything different, or if there is a different fighter I should mix into that team to play a bit better.

If you guys could help me with this, that would be great. Fighters that I would consider using are: Zero, Amaterasu, Viewtiful Joe, Spiderman, Arthur, Chris, Magneto, Thor and Dormammu. Most of those I would only use if I had to, though.

Thankyou for your response

you dont have to use anybody you should want to use your characters. play around with their assists

but you definately shouldnt have made this thread

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edit: look around the character forums and the mass of stickies and stuff like that

There’s a team building thread stickied at the top and there’s team build threads in every character forum.

If you can’t bother reading the rules or existing threads, why should anyone read yours?

Stick with the team you want to use. Zero, Amaterasu and Joe are all good characters anyway.
It seems a lot of people jump straight online, which is a big, demoralizing mistake. You should spend a good few hours playing Arcade and trying shit out in training/mission mode. You need to get a good feel of the game engine first, and it takes time.

dont hope for any help on this forum… blame idiots like exodus that no new ppl are staying here

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-flame OP

I flamed him? I thought i told him to go look for his answers on the forum and that he should find characters he wants to play as so that he has fun with his characters and to go play around with their assists to see what works best. I didn’t mean to “call for a close” go look at some of the locked threads and see how similar they are to this one. Also I didn’t rate the thread at all it was at one star before I got in here so w/e

New members who take the time to do research don’t have those kind of problems…

I have not ever played MvC either and have played alot of Street Fighter in my life. Losing online is a matter of learning how to play and I gave 45 losses and 8 wins (Ranked Record). I got 6 of the wins today after playing online for about a hour and a half. Go through the character challenges and you should start to pick up some of the basics with your characters.

Just have fun because I blow at the game and am enjoying MvC3. I am starting to like it alot more than Street Fighter at the moment.

Sounds more like a problem of you just not being good at the game than your team. If you can’t execute what you practice then it your lack of skill that is making you lose and not the characters.

Remember losing is learning. You need to start realizing what you are doing wrong that is causing you to get your ass beat or you wont get far with any characters period.

I think adding Mags to your team would help but you should play with who your comfortable. Teams make tiers in this game. Also I would use a solid assist based teams to cover Zero and dash behind game. I don’t know much about Joe.

Exodus didn’t flame him. He stated POLITELY that the three would be closed and stated valid reasons. I thought he handles it well.

Use who you are comfortable with. Try to have a reason for who you choose, like one character to charge meter, one to use meter, and one for assist. Go from there and try out combinations. It could take a year, but once you find a team and build on basics you will be fine.

Just a thought, some of you could be a little bit more polite and try to help him / her out. That’s what the community is about, and its for reasons like this that the wonderful and often times helpful Srk community has been getting a bad Rep.

But anyway, you should play who you feel comfortable. Play around with the assist, switch up your order, practice your execution and set ups and play a lot of matches. Every single loss means something, so pay close attention to what characters / set ups are giving you trouble and what you can do differently to counter that. Also pay atention to your mistakes so you don’t make them over and over. What I found helpful is to find a good sparing partner who you can play with a lot and that’s willing to constructively criticize your game and help you get better. Training mode, sparring sessions, ranked matches and the constant new information on Srk should help alot. Try YouTube as well, Srk also has a great video tutorial series for Mvc3.

As mentioned, you want this thread:

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