I keep getting logged out

Whenever I try to post, I’m getting a message saying I need to be logged in. I was already logged in but then I hit post reply and now I’m logged out.

I had that happen to me this morning.

How did you fix it?

Okay I can post on this board fine. Dudley board I continually get logged out trying to post.

Yeah, been happening to me since Friday both at work and at home, on different computers and different browsers…

^ What delirium said. I swapped browsers it kept happening. It just naturally went away

Figured out you can get around this by posting using “more options”.

yeah, that shit is annoying. more options does seem to work tho

This happened to me, it stopped so i edited my thread

Delete your cookies, then try loggging in again but this time check the box remember me

I started noticing the same yesterday.
I think it has something to do with cookies. I just close my browsing session, delete temporary files + cookies and try again.
Otherwise, more options works.

If worse comes to worse, I step outside for some fresh air

Even using ‘More Options’ logs me out on three different PCs. The only way I’m able to post is with Tapatalk on my cell phone.

I hope this problem gets fixed soon. I don’t mind posting on my cell but if I have to update my craptacular fan fic this weekend with my cell I’ll be a sad panda…

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I don’t know if WIz has checked into this. However, there’s a topic about this and hopefully this is resolved.

I was having this problem about 10 minutes ago. Switched browsers but it persisted. Restarted my computer and I’ve been fine ever since. Not sure if that’s the proper way to remedy the situation, but it seems to have worked for me. That or it’s just a coincidence xP

I’ve noticed that using Quick Reply of most threads somehow logs me out as well…

Yes, you’ll get an error saying that you’re not logged in (even tho you’re logged in). However, if you refresh. You’re now signed out. However, I haven’t encounter this issue, yet.

yeah I posted about having this issue in my malware thread. still happening. I’ll test again tomorrow maybe, though I fear of doing such because of the possibility of getting malware a 3rd time…

Yeah its a known issue, we are working on it.

this is getting super annoying.

It’s to the point where I can barely post. Everything I do keeps giving me a logged out message. If this is posted I’ll be amazed.

Just a note of reference, I got this same error, except it was when I tried to like a post. I can post fine though, only when I try to like a post, it says I need to be logged in.