I just realized that Shoryuken = SHO-RYU-KEN

and Ive been playing since SF2 T_T

Did any of you also not realize it right away?

I guess the real question is, “Who’s Sho?”

What is this crap? It’s like we’re having a constant flow of bad ideas.

you must defeat shoshosho to stand a chance in cvs2?

Two shotos in SF are ryu and ken

Street Fighter Alpha 3 is fun…

Argh fuck you.

Hey guys I heard there’s this game called Street Fighter.

so this one time… when i was little… i had a little red wagon, the end.

should i make a new thread for that too?

no wonder why you guys hate us 09’ers

Cool story, bro.

Tatsu, Maki, Senpuu, and kyaku are also hidden characters in Street Fighter, but the means to unlock them in every game requires you to rotate the joystick 200 times in 3 seconds, so it’s physically impossible.

And they’re so well encoded you can’t rip them using cheats either.


omg those characters sound so kewl, are they banned in tournaments??

Can’t forget ‘Hado’, that guy was a beast.

You thought Sagat threw fireballs fast? That was all this guy did, and all of his normals were low forward.

“I don’t fear the man that’s practiced a thousand kicks once, I fear the man that’s practiced one kick a thousand times.”

man, I remember the low forward fireball combo into low forward fireball stun, fireball super low forward fireball dead shenanigans.

fuck Hado. that nigga was cheap.


what game was he from? and is that game on the ex box three sixty?

Yeah if you didn’t realize that then you may possibly be crazy. It’s weird how there has never been someone named Sho. in the Alpha movie Ryu’s younger brother was named Shin.


“Noob Saibot” is “Alexander Hamilton” up-side down.


In other news, this thread is extreme BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

And it runs on water, man! :rofl: