I just ordered the Real Arcade Pro 3

how easy/hard is it to switch for sanwa buttons? does it make that big of a difference?

Easy with the right tools and sanwa buttons are more responsive than the stock HRAP3 buttons

If you like super sensitive buttons, go with sanwas, it’s really easy to replace. you’ll need a phillips and a hex socket screwdriver to open up the case. The rest is just disconnecting the wires from the buttons, removing the clip-on buttons, inserting your new buttons, then connecting the wires back (there are 2 to every button, doesn’t matter if you switch them around, as long as the same color wires go on the same button)

HEy do you think you could post a tutorial on how to switch and what kind of buttons i need for the Hrap 3?

becaus ethere are so many hrap buttons i need to know which ones are specific for the hrap 3.

What do you mean buttons specific for the HRAP3? Any 30mm Sanwa or Seimitsu pushbuttons will work fine.

Here’s your tutorial:

Thank you friend, this is what i wanted. I wasnt to buy sanwa buttons.

this tut is applicable to hrap 3 yes? because it says hrap 2 in the title as you say.