I just lost almost 15 times in a row

I faced a Trish/Dante/Vergil 1st Lord who annihilated me; I use Wolvie/Hulk/Doom. I didn’t stand a chance because his corner game was inescapable. So I feel bad and I’m trying to learn from my mistakes. Then when I hit rematch, the game loses connection (something that’s been happening repeatedly lately), and at the title screen, it says “That match was ended prematurely. Players who end matches improperly will be penalized.”

Capcom likes to add insult to injury. Should I even bother playing anymore?

It’s called shitty online, not “adding insult to injury.”

15 times in a ROW?

yeah you should definitely just kill yourself since you will never be good at this game EVER

That OP avatar.

That OP post.

That NickRocks.

Dear OP, online is bad. Think of it like getting made fun of by a morbidly obese person; you just can’t take it to heart. Even if it’s the only time you get to play, you just have to recognize that some things are online only tactics and that is what it is.

I’m sorry for your loss… but this doesn’t need it’s own thread.
So I’m afraid you lose again…