I just had an awesome night of kicking ace with Alex! Also, I have a question

I was playing 3 of my friends and had a 7 win killing spree. One of them was even Ibuki!! I was kicking all thier asses and even after the spree, I kicked more ass.

My friends arnt that great, but niether am I. Usually we are all pretty even, but I was dominating.

I havnt changed the button config to m punch and m kick yet, but I was wondering when its a good time to use that move when you press the to medium buttogn at the same time. I hear it makes a good “poke” move, but when do i poke people?

mp+mk causes you to do a universal overhead (UOH). While this is a decent poke in certain situations, it really isn’t all that useful for Alex. The issue comes down to Alex’s inability to really force people to crouch, what with his lack of good low hitting moves.

There are some uses for his UOH. One is that you can link an SA2 after the UOH, but you have to be a certain distance away or else it will not work. Practice that in training mode and you will get it pretty soon.

Other than that, it’s really just a mindgame set up. By getting people to stand up you can try for stuff like a spiral DDT. It’s not a very safe option but you should be able to get it on someone at least once an eon.