I just found out how to win every match online

Just mash crouching light punch with any character and you win, no need for specials or ultras, you only need your crouching normals to be faster than your oppontent’s.

what if u cr lp and die to hadouken

Nah, all people do is mash light normals, if you do the same only faster you beat them, if they block low do the overhead, crossup and keep mashing :slight_smile:

I just beat a guy with over 2k player points in an endless battle doing it, he got mad and left session…

this is not crouching light punch

Almost only*

Then the guy boosted his points if he lost to something so scrubby.

He was doing it to me, and i copied it, fucked him up good

I just hope that there is more to this game than the scrubbing bullshit i see online…

There is. The only question is whether or not you care to find out. Hint: You don’t sound like you do right now.

Dude don’t let such easy victories against easy opponents go to your head. Any decent player has the fundamentals and adaptability to deal with that. You sound like you want a challenge. Will I suggest removing the rank restriction you must be playing online with and take on all comers. Then come back here and tell us you can c.LP your way to victory.

Im not letting it get to my head, i know im bad, and i play all ranks. The thing is the unsurmountable ammount of bullshit i encounter in online matches just puts me off, somedays im eager to play and learn but after going against shit matches of retarded gimmicks i just cant get myself to keep practicing…

I think there is too much bullshit in this game, i know i fall for it because im new, but it just puts me off…

It’s sf4. Everything begins with jabs. If you think that’s dumb there’s plenty of other fighting games that don’t play like that.

Why don’t you friend request people you find to be worthy rivals and friend request them? That way you have good opponents that can help you improve. Ranked is not for improving, it’s for showing what you got, braging rights etc. Do you play on PS3? If so I’ll play with ya. I’m sorta new to SF4 myself. I’m maining Makoto.

The newbie dojo is for asking for gameplay advice/help, not bitching about the game. Please refrain from these kind of posts in the future.