I just found my old gamepro Super Street Fighter 2 strategy guide

Hey guys,

I was just digging through my room cleaning some stuff when low and behold I found this little gem. It is only the second section for 8 characters. I want to know if anyone is interested in this otherwise I won’t be bothered scanning and uploading it up.

Nah, I got my gamefaqs.

It’s on underground-gamer, so no need to bother. Thanks though.

oh man, i love that guide. i used to read it over and over again back in the 90s just studying those strats. mine is burried beneath a bunch of junk in my house somewhere, i’ll find it one day and rejoice. all sorts of cheezey shit for all 16 characters for both the console versions plus the brand new arcade super turbo. interviews with top players like alex wolfe and mike watson. and sneak peaks at the Street Fighter Movie and the upcoming arcade hit Street Fighter Legends.

Was the guide by Bruised Lee? I remember the good old days when GamePro was a respectable gaming magazine. Thanks for reminding me of my childhood.