I have the best beard on SRK

Pics will be up soon. But I have never lost in a beard competition and know I have the best beard on SRK.

Beard off at Evo this year!

Striking resemblance to Chang.

my balls have a better beard than your beard,

you practically look clean shaven

Oh shit, beard money matches!

Now grow out a mustache. They have awesome mustache parties in LA, where you have to have a big thick cool mustache to get in the party. Even girls.

I am not sure I want to meet these girls

yo SNK, you got some props from ultra david at the tourny last night. he really liked your look with the shaven head, and the thick beard

Ok mr snk so so far your beard accolades are

  1. Ultradavid wants to plow you

welp thats about it.

And I know more than a little about beards myself. I’ve always wanted to do the shaved head thick beard thing but never gotten around to it. I have done this though.

I can vouch that Chang has the best beard on SRK.

Go to evo like that, while commentating the beard off.

Do it.

Got a thick, amazing beard but I lack the connectors to form a goatee. Not that I’d ever sport one, I just want the option. Still, staying clean shaven is the way to go.

I have a taliban-esque cave beard going. Your beard may be better groomed, but mine is 100x more rugged.

I rival the manliness of the rugged pioneer explorer, but also capture that special charm and loving feeling that Santa Clause puts out. My beard is immaculant, truly a sight to behold. Its amazing. I have stated this several times before, we need to have an SSFIV bearded men only tournament. Think of the possibilities! Mr. Wiz could verify that the beard is real and groomed enough to qualify. None of this peach fuzz, patchy shit.

plz tell me im not the only one that refers to my pubes as a dick beard.

I think you’re the only one.

I also can have the same Taliban-esque style beard as well but prefer to keep it groomed. :rofl:

Groomed. http://i271.photobucket.com/albums/jj160/MrSNK_/l_e4a264488c5c46dc99e024fa4375be83.jpg

And well, not groomed. http://s271.photobucket.com/albums/jj160/MrSNK_/?action=view&current=l_c450a94a364043a5b2fba2d97f40cff0.jpg

And… And… I’ll bring back my AV!

That is a beard to be feared.


Damn, I’m impressed and jealous. For me, it seems like anything outside the goat-t perimeter is just a barren, patchy wasteland of stubble that barely resembles a poor excuse of a beard.


Russian wrestling… is always number 1!

Damn… It figures, I either get Gief or Chang all of the time. But still that’s a sick beard right there. Too bad he doesn’t post on SRK. :rofl: