I have a good connection, i wanna play lag free online!

Im an old gamer returning to play some ssf4 for the first time. After i get adept at it im sure ill wanna play online. I have a good connection 20mb down/2mb upload. My question is , is ssf4 laggier on psn than it is on xbl? Or does it really make a difference? IS there anyone who has both that can tell me which is faster? I havent bought a ps3 OR xbox yet and dont wanna waste my money if one is better than the other.I wanna play 3s online when it comes out also and my execution is bad enough in these games without lag playing a major role as well :slight_smile: Sorry if i broke any forum rule i dont know about. Thanks guys!

Surely someone has played on both networks and has an opinion on this subject?

I would recommend PSN,although some might argue there are more players on XBL.Keep in mind,even if Your connection is gdlk,Your opponents connection might be crud,and/or they may be other issues(crud servers somewhere between You and such,just standard internet gaming randomness),so You cant expect that all games will be low lag.But in general its not bad all things considered.Also remember You have to get XBL gold and keep it up to play online with that.Whichever You choose,dont play on wireless if You can avoid it,as that will increase lag(and dropouts and such)a whole lot.

I’ve played on both.

Same shit. Just get the console that the majority of your friends have.

i’ve found xbl has a more diverse group when i get on.
and on psn i’ll end up running into the same characters for hours.

aside from that, there’s more on xbl, but once connected, they’re both practically the same.