I hate what this has become

Discuss. Not shitting on SRK in general, but what our section has devolved into.

I feel like I lost a child, or that what I remembered them as is clearly what they aren’t now (like they are a meth addict now or some rock bottom shit).

I cant tell if this is to incite drama or to actually have a legitimate discussion about what this forum has become… either way I too hate this forum

Sadly the drama is going to flow at one point or another…that wasn’t the intended purpose of this thread.

It’s supposed to be a discussion about what this forum has become…the negro thread is a rotting husk of what it used to be. I’m not learning shit about people. It just turns into a bicker battle about nonsense that drags on late than it should.

I miss Deezo

I miss Jacob2ymf

I miss Psianyd

I miss Preppy

I miss Astroboy


this place just seems like a garbage dump now. Where did we go wrong?

Hmm I don’t have any problems with this forum, but I try not to get involved in drama. And I run my weekly off this forum. So it does what I need it to do.

You just haven’t been here when the place was flourishing.

I’m like the only one coming back into the negro thread actually saying shit. If you got a problem with that then I don’t know what to tell you because nobody else is doing shit about it.

I miss seans posts too.

You’re like the last of a dying breed.

I miss posts where people like talk about who they are or shit’s that going on with them, but not shit where like 1 or 2 ppl will get it, if even that. Where are all the funny stories at? It’s like ppl just post to bitch. (maybe that’s where this thread can be put to use…)

I didn’t really wanna leave seattle in the first place. There are a couple people there that I consider friends so I still post up there, but if it’s a big deal then whatever I guess…

The topic’s not directed at any singular person(s). Just the overall… forum.

So, I know like 3/4 of the people in here probably have no idea who I am, but for the 1/4 who do remember me, let me tell you what’s up. It’s been a while.

Back when I was big into the fighting game scene (2000-2004 or so) I was studying Architecture at UW. After I graduated I got a few, mostly unrelated, jobs…mapping retail stores, researching architectural computing, purchasing repair parts for the Sonicare factory out in Snoqualmie. Basically I had decided that architecture was too artsy for my tastes, and discovered that architects had low pay and long hours. So after a couple years of fapping about, I decided to go back to school and study Civil Engineering. That’s what I’ve been doing for about three years now…learning how to make buildings and bridges and things so that they don’t fall down. It’s much more interesting, much more technical, and pays better. If everything goes to plan, I’ll be graduating with a MSE next fall.

Just before I decided to go back to school I met a girl, Kai. She’s awesome. I don’t want to gush too much about her, so let’s just say I proposed to her over winter break this year. I slipped the ring into the ring finger of her falconry glove (that’s right, she hunts with a falcon…told you she was awesome) so that when she put it on, it slipped onto her finger. Then she pulled her hand out, and read the attached note, “SNEAK ATTACK!!! …you are now engaged”. I challenge anyone to come up with a dorkier proposal. She said yes, and we’re planning to get married this July.

P.S. Don’t be sad, Frank.

As goofy and corny as it sounds, I was super hyped and excited when I saw you at Zach’s playing SFIV for that one tournament. To the 75% of the ppl on here that don’t know Mayfield. He’s probably the person/player that I have the most respect for in our scene. To the point that like I am intimidated to try to talk to him in person. Or I try to check my outbursts of swearing and randomness because it might offend him.

But Congrats sir on your engagement. Best wishes on that part, and I do hope you try to go for Season 2 in HDR. I will do what I can to make the season not feel as “committed” for you.


Congrats, Mr. Mayfield. Stop being weak and come out sometime. I need revenge on your rog from --^ mentioned tourney.

rules are rules!

Dorky? No way, that’s awesome. Obligatory congrats.

My most distinct memory of you was when you walked into my modal logicclass in 2001 about a week into the quarter, sat staring blankly at the professor for the time block, then never returned.

Nice anecdote about the proposal tactic. Top tier yomi right there.

I find it hilarious that you say rules are rules, but the Tekken scene was the ones that were bending most of the rules as is. But I’m not even going to get into that. Seeing that the Tekken scene has pretty much shitted on my face the past month and a half. You guys are still more than welcome to have single tournaments at Brella’s.

Thanks for the plug there, Frank. :blush: Don’t feel intimidated or anything, please. I’m really not an intimidating guy. I just have a hard time goofing off unless I’m really comfortable with everyone around…or I’m drunk…so I always imagine I must seem very serious. Speaking of which, we should go grab a beer sometime.

Right now I’m planning to join Season 2 HDR. Just got to find a partner, and make sure to get my schedule in order.

Nolan! :chat:

Where’s the place to “come out” to these days?

Aye, I remember that match. You’d probably slap me silly now, since I basically stopped playing SF4 a month after it came out.

Dorky in a good way. :tup:

Man, I don’t remember that at all. I could understand going into a class on the first day and having it not be what you thought it was going to be, but a week in? Really? I did that?

Though it was about a week in, it was the one and only time that you attended. Perhaps you were trying to pick up another class to fill out your schedule? I guess it wasn’t what you were looking for. It was in Slavery Hall, second floor, windows facing the south/west.