I Hate GFWL!

Hi there. I’m just your average fighting game player. A few months ago i bought street fighter 4 for PC, and i would like to say GFWL FUCKING SUCKS!!! I bought street fighter 4 on STEAM Steam for 40.00 CAD. I generally assumed when i buy a game on what imo is the best pc gaming network in the world: I would Get to play online on that good network. BUT NO. So i start up sf4, and when i try to click play it says “You must create or login to a live account in order to save data or play online” WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT. So i have to take 15 minutes to find my old hotmail account, and make a gfwl account, in order to fucking SAVE DATA.

i just bought the game so i wasnt going to give up. I make the account. play for maybe a week, to unlock all the challenges, colours, taunts, and characters. And then i try to logon again and (At this time it is good to point out that the hotmail i was using was perfectly secure, and i never did anything ban-worthy on gfwl) it said my account is locked. so thatmeans NO SAVE DATA, AND NO ONLINE. doesnt even give me a reason. just “your account is locked” . I dealt with this MANY TIMES.

i recently reformatted my computer and tried to login to my account again and still locked. i create a offline account, unlock everything, and am fine. tried to log-online and, it said i needed an update. updated it 4 FUCKING TIMES, and everytime the update was done and sf4 reset, it said i needed the same update again. i gave up there. tried to login offline, and somehow when i was updating it my offline got deleted and i lost everything. not to mention the laggy servers, and other annoyingly bad service from microsoft. i am fucking fed up. i probably will never play sf4 again because of this. thanks assholes at microsoft. the end.

I dont have a 360 so the extra useless shitty features of gfwl werent even helpful. just sharing my god awful fucking experience with gfwl. post if youve had shitty experiences with it. i give up though. ive gave gfwl at least 7 chances, and it used up 9. Call it rage call it stupid idc but im fucking pissed off at gfwl. and unless i plan on playing arcade mode, with no characters, i probably wont play again.