I hate all that use blanka


You smell like garbage. Also learn how to drive and shave your face every once in a while.

All your base are belong to us.

i hate all that uses AWP

AWP owns you. Hehehe. Just kidding, it’s cheap. Scout rifle forever.

<----------- also hates blanka users, hes a cheap way to win
Blanka ruins the game

i like blanka…he’s sexy…i love it when he taunts…sexy ass… yum

no one likes facing a blanka user, but don’t bitch about, jus learn ways around him, jus like sagat

i have no hate for sagat or cammy or anyone else except blanka

do u have a reaon for hating him besides hes annoying?

what did blanka ever do to you? stop treating him like an animal!!!

  • on a more serious note just use A-Sak, works wonders against the beast

yes, and chun li