I got paid!!!

Yeah, I wanted to do a SF drawing, so why not my ST main, Rog?

I’m not too good with color, but I wanted to do something anyway. I was drawing on my computer and used transparent lines so I could keep drawing on top of my initial sketch, but I couldn’t figure out a good way to add a bg whilst drawing around the transparent drawing. Anyway, I just made a supercombo finish out of it. Enjoy.

Original B&W:


Terrible color version:


If anyone else has run into a similar transparency problem before and knows how to deal with it, please let me know. I suck at computer stuff. :looney:

Looks good Bob Sagat! B)

Way to give props to your ST main. But Gief’s behind him…and about to SPD! Haha.

If you use/have Photoshop, I can give you what I know on dealing with transparency issues.

looks cool! i like how the shinyness of his gloves give it a real puffy look. he actually looks like he was drawn in classic sf2 style too!

Thanks guys.

Yeah pootnannies, I was trying to make his face resemble his ST portrait as much as I could, because I think that’s the best looking Rog. None of this short, caveman stuff for me.

Sas, I use TVPaint, but it’s very similar to PS. I’ve used PS a lot before, so I’ll probably understand what you’re talking about, if it’s not too much trouble to explain.

I really like the classic look of Rog you were going for. As for your problem I am not to familiar with TVPaint but are you working with layers at all ?

Ah. I don’t know anything about TVPaint, but I’ll be more than happy to share what I know.

Easy Way
Take your original JPEG and use a cropping tool or [if TVPaint has one], the Magic Eraser to get rid of the white background. After that, put the SUPER COMBO FINISH background underneath it in layers and voila!

looks good.
the color & pose reminds me of some statues I saw in Vietnam. Could picture this on some kind of propaganda with a slogan under it. Except that it’d be SF related… "Boxer says, ‘I got paid’ " or something like that :slight_smile:

Haha, Rook you are totally right! :rofl:
It does kinda say: “Punch capitalism in the face”

Sas, the problem was more that I had drawn everything transparently. Anyway, I guess I can just make an image file out of it and alter that, if I still feel like it.

Btw, speaking of propaganda and communism and Sas mentioning Gief, I wanna learn to play him too some day, so I quickly knocked this one out:

I’m trying to do some SF animation in my spare time, which I really don’t have and I’m practicing to draw a nice Gief.
I’m tired of all these uber buff Alpha versions of him and want to get him back to normal proportions. Also, I’d like the head to resemble his ST portrait, because I think the portraits in that game were the best, except for Cammy.

Here’s Gief effortlessly taking a punch to the stomach by a so far invisible opponent:

Excellent!!! it captures the essense of the SPD!! ouch!!:woot:

Ah, very nice works Bob!

Great poses and all that good jazz.

I love this.You have a great understanding of planes.

Love the SPD, looks great!

Fuck dude i cant even look at that picture its sopainful

Thanks guys. :tup:

I just realised today that Barlog should be facing the other way. Oops!
Ah well, I guess you can piledrive people any way you want when you’re Gief.

Bob you could always duplicate your balrog on another layer and color a bg behind it. Think that would work well. The black and white gief is cool.