I found a new cross up

Hey guys, i was in the lab messing around with jozhears safe jump after ST and i randomly found a cross in the corner. so far from my experiments, it only works on dan and honda. pretty much, if u land a heavy ST with them directly in the corner, u can back dash, jump forward with hp. now another point is that its only on quick recover. try it on dan first and see what u get. push them into the corner, do a random ST combo and back dash and jump in. see what u get. so far its only on block but i figured someone might be able to work some magic with it

ok so i stand correct, its really retarded. i finally got someone on to mess around with it. it only crosses up only when they block towards the corner. but its on block. when they press away from the corner, it registers nothing. so im at odds with it. maybe its a great way for a fuzzy gaurd if u know its gonna kill???

Hell I don’t care if it’s only against Dan/Honda - stills cool, I’ll try it out later tonight when I get a chance. Does a dan shoryu or ex.headbutt/buttslam counter it?

hey meteo, dont even bother with it. i got to fully mess around with it and its extremely retarded. i found the only good use is for a fuzzy guard.
let me explain my findings:

ok heres the scenario: they are in the corner and u jump in and land a ST right
when u back dash u have to delay it on some chars to actually make it work. so it works on alot of the cast cause i got it to work on mokoto and chun but its funky

  • so if they walk out the corner, they walk out free. no hit what so ever, u can see them block but nothing
  • if they decide to humor u and block towards the corner, it will still block and they get put into absolute guard. so if u swing after the landing looking for a hit they will block no matter what they press which is gay.
  • i cant remember name but its like what someone spoke about in the safe jump thread. its like, its awsome for reversals but its quite obviously what you are possible gonna do.

take it to the lab and see what u find but i find it to be utterly useless unless u want a fuzzy guard for another jump back fierce but u put urself into the corner and u can prolly get better options with immediately doing a FBA

That doesn’t work. I remember testing it months ago and it’s possible to either stay neutral and make it whiff, or hold forward and make it whiff. Not worth it.

[S]well then step back pixel before jumping in or use a shallower attack - if they aren’t blocking, even better! as long as they cant escape the non-crossup options with the same technique it’s still worthwhile as a mixup, no? sorry i have yet to test myself[/S]

well that sucks i guess but maybe ill try and find something vs one of the cast that works…

also remember that ST’s knock the opponent into the air for a very variable amount of time depending on the positioning and the character

ur absolutely right because i found myself hesitating for a slight mili second before jumping on honda.

Man, I found a bunch of tantalizing stuff but it all doesn’t work out so far. In training mode weird stuff can seem to happen when the dummy isn’t blocking - like j.HP and even j.HK occasionally crosses up or ambiguously doesn’t cross up in the corner vs odd characters - but when they block it seems to wiff instead. At mid screen everyone knows its possible to cross up a few characters like Gouken with a strictly-spaced j.HP - but I think it also might be possible vs Cammy and Adon even when they are blocking - I just haven’t been able to get it to happen as a meaty attack (instantly on wakeup) yet.

The spacing for Cammy is this, check it out: Izuna Drop, df.MK, jump-in with a late j.HP (the df.MK seems to take too long and Vega can’t quite get in fast enough for a meaty, but this spacing often appears to cross cammy up) - but I wasn’t able to make it happen by Izuna Dropping and jumping in after trying to just walk up the right distance.

For Adon, try Izuna Drop, forward dash, (tiny delay), late j.HP

its like, because of vegas hitbox for the j hp and hk, its like, they are not big enough for it to be an actual crossup, even if it was meaty, just slightly walking to the opposite side which many will do when they see a cross up makes it whiff.

this is the same with many characters, not just vega. it happens with bison’s j.hp. also another weird thing is that with ANY character with a crossup, they won’t crossup if the opponents is backed up on the right wall, but they will SOMETIMES cross up on the right wall. happens with shotos j.lk.

the only “crossup” that i know off with vega is to throw people out of the corner, wall jump then heavy punch, you’ll hit them from the front but land on their back. this works especially well on rufus, zangief and balrog, the typical big characters

Here’s tatsu doing a mid screen cross up on rufus…

haha, i only accidently cross them up midscreen, i never set them up like that before