I feel Vega is a very weak character

I’ve been playing Vega for a while, and I’m not pro-level but I’m definitely upper intermediate - I can go toe to toe with pro’s and win a few rounds but they’ll usually beat me over time.

I played a bunch of matches against a Ryu player that I met online, and we ended up about 4/5.

Here’s some things I noticed:

  1. My only wins were just his mistakes.

  2. Flip kick is worthless, including the lk version, and the EX version - they don’t work as AA at all.

  3. Most characters can simply spam jump-ins at Vega with impunity - this is really stupid. There’s a few characters I can get distance on and c.fierce, but the shotos all stuff you.

  4. Constantly losing and having to chase after my claw is really obnoxious and does nothing but make a bad character worse.

  5. I got grabbed out of attacks several times for a throw - both c.jab and c.strong

  6. Vega can’t do anything in the corner except pray. Vega has no working
    reversal, and my only hope was spamming flips (easily punishable) and hoping my c.jabs connect

  7. Vega’s damage is very poor, wall dives are really risky but don’t do much damage at all.

I don’t see the point in sticking with a character that has so many things I’d consider broken - mainly the lack of a reversal/anti-air option that actually works. It’s literally like playing with a handicap - you can make fewer mistakes, have huge weaknesses that are easy for novice level players to exploit, and your opponent must make many mistakes in order for you to do enough damage to win.

So I’ll be switching to E.Honda :slight_smile:


(flame away)

Vega is low tier? Wow, I had NO idea! :amazed:

… Seriously though, I’ve read you complain about how bad Vega is several times in this sub-forum.

He’s got flaws. WE GET IT.

You want to pick up a different character? Alright, good for you. Thanks for making a new thread with this earth shattering announcement. I’m sure that our community will never fully recover.

I think some of you guys, including Sirlin, are just just still in shock from how different ST Vega and SF4 Vega are. Seriously after a few hours from playing the game for the first time I felt right at home using him.

Vega is in a competitive level whether you like it or not. Vega is for patient players, you gotta play smart and you gotta play well. I have beaten good Balrogs, Sagats and Blankas, so if I can do it and I bet everyone else can.

Wish you luck with Honda.

Funny thing is that E. Honda sucks ass too.

The thread had very little to do with the ‘earth shattering’ announcement and more to do with my experience playing Vega.

I don’t know why you have to be so snarky, this isn’t the somethingawful forums.

You ended with (flame away), so I figured snark was the way to go. I mean, this is more of a blog post than anything, so I’m not sure what it is you are going for.

Is this a thread for debating Vega’s usability? Reminisce about ST Vega? What?

Interesting post, but I think I can respond to a few of these points.

  1. In all honesty, that’s your problem, has nothing to do with Vega as a character. If you’re only winning because you’re opponent is making mistakes, you need to put in some more practice. It’s not going to change just by changing characters.

  2. It’s no secret Vega lacks in the anti-air department. It’s true, the flip kick is not an extremely reliable anti-air counter, but he does have other options. Jump back fierce punch I believe is another one? Someone may need to clarify this though.

  3. Shoto’s who spam jump-in’s on me usually meet a Cosmic Hell to EX Wall Dive pretty quick. I don’t find dealing with that very difficult, just needs some practice and a better understanding of Vega’s moveset maybe?

  4. Maybe it’s just me, but I rarely actually try and chase after my claw or mask. If it’s off and it’s nearby, I’ll pick it up, but I never try and jump across the screen just to go pick it up. It’s really not that much of a pain.

  5. Not much I can say about this. Happens to everyone occasionally.

  6. Vega isn’t terrible in the corner. Sure against maybe a Sagat it’s death, but against a lot of players it’s not that difficult. If it comes down to it, you can always use his wall jump to get out of a bad situation.

  7. Vega’s damage is poor, no denying that. Wall Dives aren’t that risky if you know when and how to use them, when you don’t then yes, they usually get stuffed out.

Hope that helps answer some questions you may have had, have fun with Honda. :lame:

I just wanted to discuss some of the issues I’ve had; issues which I think really break the character - first and foremost his lack of a reversal for jump-in spam.

Well we went 4/5 - I won plenty of times but it was an uphill battle. The matches allowed me to identify the real problems - especially times when there’s absolutely nothing I can do (jump in spam after a knockdown).

I think the anti-air move being horrible anti-air is just really bad design. I don’t think jumping back and fierce works on a jump-in after a knockdown. You get hit out of the air before you can get into the air.

I don’t understand this - how df.hk do anything whatsoever to jump-ins, let alone on wakeup?

The Claw is such a huge part of Vega’s poking game and his only real strength - I don’t know how you can just leave it :slight_smile:

If you try to wall jump you get stuffed, if you try to flip kick you get stuffed, the only thing I’ve had any success with is flipping and c.jab spam which doesn’t always work against characters with faster moves.

Looks like Honda isn’t much better off than Vega from what I’ve read :confused:

Quote:I got grabbed out of attacks several times for a throw - both c.jab and c.strong.

I’m pretty sure in SF throws beat out attacks.

As far as AA goes I’m going on tonight to work on my air throw. I want to train myself so that if I’m standing and someone jumps my reaction is up and air throw.

High block if I’m too slow.

Isn’t it supposed to be a circular balance of power, like the model of US government?

Throw beats block, block beats attack, attack beats throw?

Sounds more like TC’s bitching that he can’t play vega and the switch to honda was unexpected.

Your about 8 months too late on the “Vega is low tier” train. No offense, but reading around a bit would have shown you that pretty much everyone knows and has been discussing the points you listed in your first post.

That is pretty much why your getting a bad response. We’ve CLOSED multiple threads discussing Vega’s short comings and low tier status.

Also, saying your an upper-intermediate is saying a lot. You may be (I have no idea) but it is really saying a lot to be an upper-intermediate player in Street Fighter. Upper intermediate means placing top 8 consistently at multiple tournaments, but not neccesarily getting first.


Vega seems to be pretty fierce in a corner, but maybe I’m just making this all up.

In an effort to turn this thread into something constructive, might I ask what makes a good Balrog against Vega? I’ve fought quite a few people who rush to pick him when I pick Vega, but I’ve only lost once against him. This goes from sub-500BP people all the way to a guy with 3800BP that I beat the other day.

Blanka, I can see. Sagat, I can see. But I don’t get the Balrog love. Maybe I just haven’t fought a really good one yet. And maybe I never will, if I keep having days like today where I dropped 700BP in two hours before recovering.

Check the “Viva Las Vegas - The Vega Match-Up Guide” 1st post, Bebop makes a good job explaining whats up, the info may be a little dated, but it is pretty acurate.

Have fun with E. Honda. It takes a lot of determination to get good with Vega, and if you feel even slightly discouraged about using him, then you shouldn’t use him.
A lot of players have been doing nothing but complaining about Vega’s weaknesses. We know he has weaknesses, and it’s up to us to overcome them. I applause you for actually doing something about it (switching) instead of staying with Vega, while complaining all the way.

You coulda at least given us a little encouragement for sticking with him, instead of rubbing in our face how much flaw he has. -_-

I’ve improved dramatically with Vega but it’s always an uphill battle. The character is a lot of fun to play but there’s a lot of no-brainer strategies that Vega has no answer to.

I’m really hoping some of the BS will get addressed in a later edition of SF4 - like Vega’s flip kick being such trash.

Till then he’s fun but it’s frustration station to lose to people you are better than because you can’t counter something.

PS. I didn’t mean to gloat or anything, I just wanted to discuss the issues I’ve noticed

My bad, should’ve clarified, I was assuming you were blocking the jump-in/sweep, then go for the Cosmic Heel. You’re correct about it doing nothing to stuff jump-in’s flatout, they won’t get you anything there.

And as far as the importance of his claw, I guess it’s just a matter of your play style. For my particular play style with Vega, I can get away without having his claw for awhile, but most of the time it finds it’s way back to you. What I was trying to say is I don’t ever find myself stressing to get from one end of the screen to the other, just to pick the claw back up.

But it’s whatever, we all have an opinion and it’s no secret Vega has his fair share of flaws. I’m with you 100% in hoping it’s something they address down the line, but I’m not counting on it. Doesn’t really matter though, I’ll still play him either way.

Totally agree with with you on all points. I think he sucks and doesnt have the tools needed to keep up with everyone else. Its always an uphill battle against decent players but the novelty of him is fun. I’ll continue to main him despite frustration levels at max.

He is obviously much weaker than everyone else with many glaring flaws so it makes me wonder how capcom thought he was balanced.