I don't like being called a stream monster

Idk it just doesn’t sit well with me, am I the only one? Whenever I hear it during a stream it kinda irks me. It sounds like a term that would refer to people that only watch streams and don’t get involved with events themselves, and I know there are people like that and it’s great we have them - they shouldn’t be called something either.

Maybe it’s not a negative term and I’m just reading into it.

No it’s 100% negative and ment as an insult to those that lurk but never attendee but are very vocal during streams.
It’s ment to be a dismissive insult.

It was supposed to be an insult, but now it is almost an official name.

Seriously though, if being called a “stream monster” hurts your feelings, then you need to grow a pair (of balls or ovaries…I’m not sexist). It’s not going to change anytime soon.

This needed a thread? Seeing what SRK has turned into over the last 2 years makes me sad.

wow…just wow. I really hate some aspects of the the current FGC

Some of these new guys are so damn soft

This was better served to be on Livejournal.

In a smaller tournament, ok. At Evo though, this term should not be used on the air if the FGC wants to be taken seriously.

to be honest that name’s appropriate. you ever see the shit the stream people post? once heard some guys saying lamerboi was so terrible he never shoulda showed up for the tourney. the same dude who almost beat daigo at one time. only a stream monster coulda said some stupid shit like that

Next thing you know, there will be a thread asking people, “Am I really a NAH? But I’m not african american.”

Don’t let it get to you. If you haven’t been called something worse in your lifetime, well… understand the fact you’ll be called names and mislabeled all your life no matter the time nor place.

Im shocked that this wasnt shutdown in two posts and that people are taking it seriously…

time’s are a changing I tell ya what…


I… I don’t like being called a “Street Fighter/Marvel vs. Capcom player.”

It hurts… my… feelings.

C’mon, son.

instead of being offended by it, take the term and make it your own, absorb it. then it loses any effectiveness.

‘never forget what you are. then it can never be used against you.’
-tyrion lannister

okay you know what. people need to stop using this for every goddamn post they disagree with. it’s supposed to be special, yallpissing on the meaning of it

this part really did make me lol.

To be honest I thought they just took that whole “stream monsters” crap from Lady Gaga calling her fans “little monsters.” Which I thought simply meant avid stream follower but it was a negative term? Not sure how I will sleep tonight with this new found knowledge… shoots self

Yo son this new generation can suck a dick.

Why call names to those that are tuning and and spectating? A great number of people during large events don’t even get in on the chat, they just watch and enjoy.

I feel like the viewers should be more appreciated.

Unno why anyone would find Stream monsters offensive in any way shape or form. People just need to stop being babies.

maybe if the people who were primarily spectators had intelligent things to say about the onscreen action, you would have a point

See thats garbage. I hope those that lurk but never attend outnumber those of us that do attend 100,000:1 one day (yea right).