I dont get it!!!

OK, so a long time ago i saw a video of K’ dash in XII. I was like yay, now I have more of a reason to buy this game. Then I saw the K’ Dash ice clone (Forgot her name), then I was like, sweeeeeeeeeet this is just too much. So then I decided to google KOF XII K’ Dash combos. And guess what, nothing came up -_-. So, I searched for K’ Dash in XII, then KOF XIII, thats when I found out there is a new XIII coming out, or maybe it is out. So I hit gamefaqs, but did not see anything. So I was like wtf is this a DLC? But if it was it would have been on the site. So now, I am super confused. Is XIII out? When will it come out, and how are these people using K’ Dash in XII, is it DLC? Please someone just explain this to me.

Wow. Okay. King of Fighters XII DOES NOT have K’ in it.

King of Fighters XIII DOES have K’ in it.

There are no combos from K’ in XII because he does not exist in XII. K’ was finally seen in action in XIII. Before that there was artwork of a XII-ish K’(http://cache.gawkerassets.com/assets/images/9/2009/04/kof_xii_mai_k.jpg). There was a photoshop pic of K’ in XII on some stage which is fake.

XIII is arcade only with no release date given thus far. Everyone you see playing K’ is playing KOF XIII.

This is the KOF XII character select screen. [media=youtube]-mIFoV5ad-Y[/media]
No K’.

KOF XIII character select screen: [media=youtube]Jc5Bg6ieRjQ[/media] You even see K’ in action. How you confused XII with XIII is beyond me. The HUD and the zoom on the sprites would be a dead giveaway.

Wait what?!?!?!?!?

I’m all for helping the poor guy out. But I have to admit when a thread like this gets created I die a little inside.