"I didn't have to beat you twice!" Arthur's General Match Ups Thread

Hello everyone!, this is the official thread of the good/bad match ups for our dear Silver Knight!.

First of all this thread is made with the intention to improve our gameplay against certain characters that are specially hard (see Taskmaster) or to give some tips and advices against some easy matches. And of course to give ideas and contribute with information regarding our current situation (theoretical) against the full roster of characters.

Now, some may ask regardless why I am doing this post, if almost all the basic knowledge it’s spread across other threads here in our subforum. Well it’s for the sake of not being messy. I mean, seriously, it’s frustrating not to be able to find something that you do not know where it is in the first place without looking at all the pages and threads like a madman o_O.
Changes done since 17/03/11:** Added info regarding Amaterasu.
To do list: Investigate about Dormammu, start to put basic information in every match-up spoiler, Fire Torch shenanigans using your teammates, find the pros and cons of why the Golden Armor should or should not be used on point.

If you have any question regarding anything about Arthur feel free to ask, every question will be answered and of course, if you feel like giving a hand or your two cents or share a little secret with us the Knights of the Round Table, it will be much appreciated.

O.K! We are set.

We are going to cover the basics, the styles of play, basic and advanced knowledge, tactics against certain characters and the like.


:qcf:+ :l: - Dagger Toss. Mash :l: for multiple Daggers, up to 3 on the ground.
:qcf: + :m: - Lance toss. Mash :m: for multiple Lances, up to 2 on the Ground and Air.
:qcf: + :h: - Crossbow. Fires multiple bolts at once in different angles. Fast recovery. Homing bolts with Golden Armor.
:qcb: + :l: - Fire Bottle. Slow burning across the ground. If the bottle hits opponent, no flames and meager damage. Flames will still burn even if it hits the opponent in front, flames higher and further with Golden Armor.
:qcb: + :m: - Axe. Large spinning projectile. Goes full screen, covers a lot of space.
:qcb: + :h: - Scythe. Boomerang properties.
:dp: + :l: - Silver Shield. Deflects projectiles. Staggers opponents who strike it.
:dp: + :m: or :h: - Heavenly Slash or Hellbound Slash. Anti-Air. Causes Hard Knockdown.


:qcf: + :atk::atk: - Goddess’ Bracelet (a.k.a Psycho Cannon)
:qcb: + :atk::atk: - Ultimate Armor
:dp: + :atk::atk: - ‘‘For the Princess’’ Great Magic, Fire Dragon
Projectile Durability

Daggers: Each Dagger has 3 Low Priority Durability Points
Golden Daggers: Each Dagger has 5 Low Priority Durability Points

Lances: Each Lance has 5 Low Priority Durability Points
Golden Lance: Each Lance has 10 Medium Priority Durability Points (!!) [Staggers on Counterhit]

Crossbow: Each Bolt (Two Bolts) has 3 Low Priority Durability Points
Golden Crossbow: Each Bolt (Three Bolts) has 5 Low Priority Durability Points [Tracking]

Fire Bottle: Bottle has 5 Low Priority Durability Points
Fire Bottle Flame: Each Flame from the Fire Bottle has 1 Low Priority Durability Point

Golden Fire Bottle: Bottle has 2 Frames worth 5 Low Priority Durability Points (10 total)
Golden Fire Bottle Flame: Each Flame from the Fire Bottle has 3 Low Priority Durability Points. [Bottle does not dissapear on block or hit.]

Axe: Each Ax has 5 Low Priority Durability Points [Staggers on Counterhit]
Golden Axe: Each Ax has 3 Frames worth 3 Medium Priority Durability Points(9 total)(!!) [Staggers on any hit]

Scythe: Each scythe has 3 low Priority Durability Points
Golden Scythe: Each scythe has 5 low Priority Durability Points

Goddess Bracelet (Hyper): Each projectile has 2 High Priority Durability Points.

Please be sure to thank Stumblebee for this information and check his Thread where he posted this for us. Thank You!

Style of Play

[*]Keepaway/Ghosts n’ Goblins

Ok, this is the Main style of play that Arthur players use, I like to call this the Ghosts n’ Goblins, because it’s basically the same idea, you have low health, and you have an array of weapons, wits, intelligence and of course you want to beat the game, but it’s not just question of survival, but to endure 3 characters where the difficulty varies, and you have no dash whatsoever and your only alternative it’s to use the Joust -> Heavy. Now, what do you need to do?, run, yes, that’s right… Leg it. Your projectiles are the best in the game, your keepaway game it’s unbeatable with the correct assists and projectiles, you can literally chip to death anyone with the correct set-up and you have many options to lock opponents in the corner that it’s just amazing not to use this ability or at least have the basic knowledge of it. Now, some advices…

First of all, if you are pressuring someone from far away, use your Daggers in the air and your Lances on the floor, Double Lances are one of the best projectiles in terms of Durability. The Silver Ax it’s a great move too, it covers a wide area and it’s the normal projectile of Arthur that causes more damage. Use assists that covers your head and watch out for characters that teleport behind you, like Dante or Phoenix, because this is a nightmare on your runaway, but it’s beatable with the correct assists and the patience. When powered-up with the Golden Armor, use the same projectiles in your keepaway, but add to your arsenal the Homing Crossbow, as it will cover you from characters that like to super-jump or to fly in order to reach you.

And now some advices from other fellow Knights.

Cee Dizzy:

"Arthur has a double jump, but you can’t double jump if you jump and throw a projectile. So be wise when you jump. Decide whether to not do anything, double jump, or throw a projectile.

Lvl 3 is like the top 5 lvl 3 in the game. It has SO MUCH RANGE AND INVINCIBLITY. If you are in a fireball war, use it."


"If you have pesky rushdown characters pressuring you in every situation, remember that you can always Advance Guard them, please, USE THIS.

Also, your Level 3 Hyper “For the Princess” Great Magic, Fire Dragon it’s the X-factorable and it’s a great punish for Cross-over Combination Hypers, also, you can indeed X-factor between any move and counter-attack with the Level 3 Hyper for great results, just be wise, because if you miss the timing, you will only waste 3 Meters that could be used for Armor power-ups.


[*]Rushdown/Brave Knight

Ah…! The ‘Brave Knight’, this style it’s not like a walk on the park, nope, not even close, it’s THE SILVER KNIGHT chasing opponents, he has no fear whatsoever because he went to Hell on a suicide mission and came back alive TWICE, teaching them not to get in his way, slowly approaching them to use his decent normal moves in combination with his projectiles to scare the **** off opponents.

Arthur has a combination of very good and very poor normal moves, his standing Light it’s fast but has very poor range and medium priority, it only should be used to hit confirm magic series chains on the ground, the same applies to his crouching Light attack. His standing Medium has Auto-Guard on hits that come directly in front of Arthur (this needs further testing), it will not guard low attacks and certain normal standing moves that hits low or medium. Great damage overall but it’s a little slow. His crouching Medium on the other hand it’s wonderful, it’s a normal attack with great range and should be used always, using this from a certain distance will keep you safe from most attacks.

Arthur’s standing Heavy it’s a great heavy attack and covers a wide area, does good damage and can be used for some projectile cancels that will push Arthur a bit forward for extra range in case. Crouching Heavy it’s a great attack too, it covers a great perimeter when using it, excellent for pressure and can be canceled into projectiles or the Launcher for great results.

Finally the movement that defines the ‘Brave Knight’, the Charging Lance a.k.a the Joust -> H.
This move it’s your dash, plain and simple, main tool for getting in and of course a powerful move that can be canceled into whatever projectile you want, or even the Launcher.

This move used in close range without knowing what are you doing it’s certain death, but there are ways to hit confirm the blow and be at a safe distance at the same time, this is something that I discovered a while and maybe some of you have figured it out, but the move can be a safe move with the right tools.

And now, here’s something directly from our Alchemists in the Laboratory in the Service of the Princess:

Arthur it’s a medium distance, not too close, not too far from the opponent. Use the Charging Lance and option select this depending on the results:

1.If the opponent blocks the starting hit of the Charging Lance, you can cancel it into whatever you want (Try Daggers, I use the Silver Shield for close quarter counter-attacks mind games) and Arthur will be at a safe distance away from the opponent allowing you to pressure with something else or to back off a little and start the cycle again, and as a reward…You chipped a little from your enemy’s health bar.

2.If the Charging Lance manages to hit the opponent, remember the timing to pull off a Launcher into a Bread n’ Butter combo.

Side note: I know that it’s actually a little hard to explain in words, but try it for yourself in the Lab, the results are wonderful.

Now, with information regarding Projectiles…

Arthur can pressure with Lances, Bolts, Fire Torch, Daggers and the most difficult, the Scythe.
Remember to always end your moves that pushes back a little on block with projectiles for further pressure.

About the Scythe…It’s a decent move a la Captain America’s Shield Slash, but should be used every now and then, it’s a great combo extender while doing a chain but you are better off with the normal moves.

Using AAA to cover your head works perfectly here, but if there is no Assist available then use the Heavenly Slash.
Also, while chasing down the opponent in the air, try using your jumping H, it works wonders for those who are above your head.

[*]Defensive/Chivalrous Knight

In the history of Capcom, Arthur is a Knight, and his job, obviously is to protect the weak in the name of the Princess, by following this Knight Oath we will take it one step further by using this ideal in battle.

The main idea it’s to use Arthur on point, and to try to chip or kill as much characters as possible before taggin’ out or before switching out to restore some lost life.

For this style you can use a mix-up of both the Brave Knight and the Ghosts n’ Goblins, remember against WHO are you fighting and what attacks they use, in order to improvise a strategy to counter-attack your opponent in every way possible.

After witnessing a good Amaterasu player and a very good Magneto player that used their own defensive style (abusing the Solar Shield and the Magnetic Force Field respectably) and counter-attacking, taking advantage of their defensive tools, I tried to use a tactic based around the Silver Shield that has the nice property of deflecting/reflecting, and stagger opponents who strike it and punishing their recover with BnB combos, this style it’s not sitting out or turtle like Guile on SSFIV, no, it’s abusing everything that your opponent cannot react and taking advantage.

Remember your normals that have good priority, standing :h:, crouching :m:, crouching :h:, those are the main tools, together with your projectiles, bait the opponent to strike your shield and counter-attack, when you are under pressure, A-Guard, and wait for the right moment to strike.


[*]Mix-up/Super Ultimate Ghouls n’ Ghosts to Goblins

By Crono_SteelShade
I’m not sure if this has been pointed out before, but as you cross up with jumping s you can cancel into crossbow and continue the combo off cr. M. This same way you can do an instant overhead with j.m, j.m, j.s xx crossbow. Works on all big characters and maybe others.

If you have any Objections (pun most definitely intended) or “Eurekas” that you want to share, I’ll put them here :D!

Thanks Chindogg for the movelist v(^^)Y, Thanks Cee Dizzy for general info! v(^o^)Y, Thanks Porter for pointing out the J.:s: Cross-up!. <( ^)! (It’s a Kiwi by the way…), Thanks Stumblebee for the Durability of Arthur’s Projectiles (-^)Y!.


Akuma has a pretty solid game of fireballs and mix-ups, he packs a punch with everything he does and one mistake can lead you to lose half of your life bar, but so can you do the same to him or even more. This match seems a little complicated for Arthur, but not that much, because Arthur can really hurt Akuma with his projectiles and normals, nevertheless he can counter this with his mix ups and hypers, also he has that Teleport that nobody uses, seriously, that teleport it’s the tool to approach Arthur but hey, here’s some tips:
Counter projectiles with Lances from a close range, and throw Daggers from the corner, if he likes to jump around every now and then, throw Axes, that will teach him!. Also, while he’s on the Air, he will either do a Dive Kick, throw Hadoukens, Hurricane Kick, or Hyper Air Hadouken, all of those movements can be punished, Dive Kicks are punished by blocking and doing a Launcher (most times), the Hadoukens can be countered with the Golden Crossbow, the Hurricane Kick can be punished at the correct angle and time with a Launcher or a well timed Golden Ax, and the Air Hyper well…You can try to catch Akuma when he’s falling down. Just be careful. From my experience I say that this battle should be played with a Keep-away, you will always win the Fireball wars, and you can literally chip him to death. Keep an eye on the hyper meter, because Akuma players like to counterattack by mashing the Messatsu Gou Hadou, if you can predict a situation like this, and you have the meter to waste, use the Hyper Lvl 3, also, if they use the Raging Demon lvl 3 Hyper from full screen, try to jump I’ve managed to jump just in time, I’ll test this later…Also, when he’s rushing you with the Hurricane Kick, don’t try to counter attack, push him away and restart the cycle of keep-away, because it’s very complicated for Arthur to get around that kind of pressure.[/details]



Ah…Amaterasu, from my experience I believe this is a even match because you can lock down Amaterasu pretty fast or she can do the same to you.

First let’s talk about the Solar Shield. When she’s in this stance get used to see a lot of :h: strings combos and of course be used to Advance Guard her when she does this. Normally an offensive type Amaterasu player will always go with this stance, abusing an assist and her moves that seems like they are endless or something.

Anyway, the Scatter Crossbow or the Golden Crossbow it’s your weapon of choice here, just beware of that projectile reflector that she has in her arsenal, the Arrows will keep her pinned in an area, once that you managed to keep her away with your assault of projectiles, she will try to mash a Okami Shuffle, at this time, you should wait, block and restart the cycle.

She has low health, you can always kill her fast and don’t worry about her projectiles with the Rosary, your Daggers and Lance will always win the fireball wars, just don’t mess up with the timing because she can lock you up in the corner, when this happens, jump and fire an array of Arrows, that will teach her and it will give you time to breath and to think a strategy.

The Silver Shield it’s also good in this match, try to read that :f::h: that she has and use the shield!, you will stagger her thus confirming a Goddess’ Bracelet or a BnB combo!.

About the Glaive Stance, well, she’s pretty hopeless with this, just beware of the range of her crouching :h: as it does have a nice range and of course of her a.:df::h: that it’s pretty annoying like Akuma’s dive kick.

Finally, the Rosary, this weapon it’s very annoying because it will keep you away and it will push you everytime that you manage to get in her territory, but hey, use your projectiles here because like I said earlier, you will always win the projectile wars, again…Keep an eye on her meter and the timing of her Ice Beads that she shoots.

You should go with a mix of the Chivalrous Knight and the Ghosts n’ Goblins playstyles when she’s using the Solar Shield and the Ghosts n’ Goblins for everything else.



Chris Redfield












Jill Valentine


Morrigan Aensland








Tron Bonne


Viewtiful Joe






Marvel Characters

Captain America










Iron Man





















[details=Spoiler]First, the overview and later the tactic.

1.Rushdown/Hello Skeletor

This type it’s just freaking annoying, he will rush you with the Spidey Swing, Shield Skills and with a pesky assist, like Sentinel or Doctor Doom. He will try to do a tricky crossup once that he manages to get in your territory that is achieved by doing a Spidey Swing and just an a.:m:, landing and starting a magic series. If that thing connects, say goodbye to 60% of your health bar.

Also, he will be just standing or crouching waiting for you to screw up a move to attack. Sure, you will have problems because that annoying assist will chip damage.

Another tricky move that Taskmaster has in his array of moves it’s the Unblockable Slash (insert name here). He will take advantage of your blocking and will start abusing this move while you are guarding the assist that the opponent is using.


If you feel confident with your skills with Arthur you should probably stick to the Ghosts n’ Goblins playstyle listed in the main post. Use your assists to counter-attack his wave of projectiles.

Arthur needs protection, even if he (the opponent) has an assist like Doctor Doom and his Hidden Missiles, your assist will cover you in 2 ways, either receiving the damage or guarding you with a special move like Dante’s Jam Session. Thanks to Arthur’s short height you will have the opportunity to use your projectiles to keep Taskmaster away.

Also, use the Golden Armor in this one, because all of your projectiles will destroy both Taskmaster and his assists, including the Sentinel Drones.

Don’t be afraid to use your projectiles, if he switches to a Counter Stance to try to reflect your projectiles then that means that he is either afraid of your projectiles, or wants to try to deflect an attack to do a hyper. Either one leads to one answer: he will stop using his assists, and this will be your opportunity to chip or take out as much of his lifebar as possible.

Also, watch out for your Hyper time bar as it will deplete fast, be ready to change Arthur before hid armor breaks or try to time an assist to protect your Armor Break.

Other solution and I quote Brahma for this neat info it’s that the Fire Bottle will keep Taskmaster under pressure all the time, learn when and how to do this because this can lead to a major screw up and thus leading to our Silver Knight demise.

Defensive/‘I want to have photo reflexes like Taskmaster’

Okay, remember Guile from SSFIV? holding back and throwing projectiles until you screw up?, pretty much like that, plus the ability to counter-attack.

This type of play style it’s very strange and I have only seen a few players use this effectively, it’s abusing Taskmaster’s counter-stance, baiting attacks and putting you in situations where you have no window of time to recover or to respond with an attack. And of course using the same tactics that every Tasky player uses.


Right…Probably you want to switch Arthur in this one, because Tasky will only be keeping you away, yes, that’s right; he might as well copy that ability and use it for his advantage. He will take little pieces of your life bar with every Aim of Hawkeye and if you try to counter-attack with a projectile he will either Hyper on reaction or try to deflect it.

If you want to endure the pressure and you are very confident, then you can use a mixup of both the Brave Knight and the Chivalrous Knight play styles. You too have the options and the tools to force him to either retreat or to punish him, the Fire Torch, the Silver Shield, the Joust and many others moves, and the main idea it’s to provoke him into changing his style or to pressure him first.








Interesting thread. Imma try to give out all the info I have for the play styles. Later I’ll add in the match-ups that I run into alot (Sentinel, Phoenix, Dante, Akuma, Taskmaster).


[*]Arthur has like the most projectiles under Dante and no dash. So the best thing to do with him is to STAY BACK AND THROW SHIT.

[*]Arthur has 6 projectiles, all with different properties and angles utilize them so that you can effectively keep them out.

[*]Knives- Goes straight. Comes out three at a time if you mash L after QCF + L. Useful because it is quick and beats some moves when done on reaction midscreen. Also useful when jumping since it covers the whole horizontal plane with normal jump.

Gold armor knives are extremely fast. Probably unpunishable on reaction mid screen.

[*]Lance- Goes straight. Comes out 2 at a time if you mash M after QCF + M. This projectile is easily one of the best in the game. It beats alot of fireballs and even beats some multi hitting projectiles (like Sent’s laser). Not very useful in the air, because the hitbox looks similar to the knives and only comes out 2 at a time.

Gold armor lance has speed and priority out the ass. It only comes out once though.

[*]Arrows- 2 arrows come out. 1 goes about 45 degrees up, the other goes about 35 degrees up. Really useful for Sentinel. In the air. The arrows go 35 degrees down and 45 degrees down. Useful for people who like to rushdown.

Gold arrows come out slowly, but 3 arrows come out and they follow. Great for people who runaway.

[*]Fire bottle- Firebottle goes up 50 degrees for a short time and then hits the ground, and when that happens, a wave of fire travels a short distance. Think of this like Cable’s grenades, which pretty much stopped rushdown cold (unless you were Magneto). This move literally makes dashing in a no-no and stops all Hulk bullshit cold. Of course, the bottle doesn’t combust when the bottle hits going up.

Gold armor bottles creates a wave of fire, regardless if it hits the ground or the opponent, it also creates alot of fire. Like alot.

[*]Axe- I LOVE THIS MOVE. It has surprising priority and great range. It stops people who like to airdash alot. It also goes straight so it is pretty good in the air.

Gold armor axe has the same priority, but a smaller hitbox. Gold axe goes up, down, then it travels the ground. Perfect for airdashers.

[*]Scythe- This move is not good to randomly throw. It has limited range, poor recovery and does poor chip. However, in a combo, this does very well. This move is a boomerang too. It hits twice.

Gold armor scythe hits 4 times instead of 2 times.[/LIST]

[*]NOTE: Arthur has a double jump, but you can’t double jump if you jump and throw a projectile. So be wise when you jump. Decide whether to not do anything, double jump, or throw a projectile.

[*]Lvl 3 is like the top 5 lvl 3 in the game. It has SO MUCH RANGE AND INVINCIBLITY. If you are in a fireball war, use it.



[*]Arthur has no dash. So lance charge is probably the best solution to rushdown if you need to.

[*]Arthur’s range is pretty good with his cr. M, st. H and cr. H. So use those when forced to rush down.

[*]Arthur’s rushdown gets ALOT better when he corners the opponent. The range is too much for the opponent, unless you are Sentinel or Hulk. Braclet with more of his normal pressure make the opponent beg for air.

[*]SHIELD CAUSES STAGGER. If you having problems with Wolverine or Zero, use this. You can cancel it with Braclet or Fire dragon (his LVL 3).

[*]HEAVENLY SLASH IS A SOLID ANTI-AIR. But do not use it against Sentinel or Hulk. You are begging to get panned, which is 90% to the knight.

[*]YOUR DEFENSIVE STRATS ARE TO HELP YOU GET AWAY. Seriously, don’t rushdown afterwards


The only mixups I got is:

[*]j. M, which is an instant overhead

[*]that if you whiff j. S in an air combo, you can cross under.

Im tired. I’ll add more later.

Awesome and informative thread guys!

One thing I would find very helpful is a list of which of Arthur’s projectiles beat what other projectiles/hypers in both Silver and Gold armor.

I’d be happy to help out compile some of this later on this week.

J. S is arthur’s only crossup. Has to hit really low to combo afterward.

Arthur is not a good match for teams that need meter.

Weaker, Dante, and Dormammu are ridiculously hard. Dante and wesker have teleports and hit hard.

Dormammu has a teleport, better zoning, superfast beam hyper, and flight/8way airdash.

VS. Sentinel

Too freaking easy. Even with Arthurs shit health.

Knives < Laser
Lances > Laser and drones
Arrows > Laser and drones
Firebottle > All Sentinels shit (as long as the bottle explodes)
Axe < Laser(?)
Axe > Drones
Scythe < Laser and drones
Knives = Drones

Some notes:

Sentinel cannot spam laser in this match-up. If he spams laser, Arthur can counter it with most of his projectiles.

Gold Armor is Sentinel’s worst enemy. Gold armor scythe does 4 hits, so it breaks armor easily. Gold armor Firebottle owns Sentinel. Gold armor knives are too fast to laser on reaction. Gold Armor Lance beats ANYTHING that Sent does. Gold Armor Axe shuts down flying. And Arrows follow and breaks armor.

Braclet loop locks Sent down.

Lance Charge is a no-no because of his armor.

If you get in the corner, you are pretty much done for. Heaven slash is an ass anti-air against Sent and using shield will make you get snatched up by Sent’s Kara-Command grab which is 90%.

lvl 3 is hilarious to do against Sentinel, if he tries to Laser you.

VS. Taskmaster

Um… People swear to god that they have problems against him, but i don’t. Maybe I play alot of scrubby Taskys.

If I were to give this match-up a rating, it would be 6-4 Tasky.

He can be annoying for Arthur to play because Taskmaster has better range, Charging Star, Web Swing and a faster projectile.

Firebottle > Charging Star (if firebottle hits the ground)
Scythe > Charging Star (because it goes through Tasky)
Braclet > Charging Star
Anything else <<<<<<< Charging Star
Lances > Aim master
Axe > Aim master
Tasky’s hyper >>>>> Arthur’s ish
Heaven/Hell Slash > Web Swing

Notes I got:

Axe does well against Tasky.

If you throw anything, you better hope he don’t have meter. If he does, damn. Thats 40% from one hyper. A solution to that is Arthurs Level 3. If he does his hyper, try your damnest to do his level 3. the invinciblity will beat it.

Tasky is really good at fight a rushdown Arthur. He can mash a counter out if you try to do a block string.

I’ll add more later.


I will work on a list with you. But most fireballs (except for Hypers) cannot beat lance. Ever.

If any of you, Knights of the Round Table, want to share information regarding the Durability of Arthur’s projectiles will be much appreciated as this is top priority, also, we need further information against the Doctor Doom/Hidden Missiles together with Sentinel match-up because i’ve received complaints against this specifically, even more complains than the Taskmaster match-up.

Cheers, and Huzzah!

For Hsien-Ko armor pendulum assist, if you catch her right as she comes in you can take about 1/3 her life with Fire Dragon. Gold bracelet does almost half life on her, but if you’re too close you risk being hit by her, or having the point character neutralize some of your bracelet hits.

For Doom, as soon as you hear “Hidden Missile” you can Fire Dragon for almost 3/4 of his bar. Since it’s invincible, it will also ignore whatever they’re doing with their point character and possible catch them in the blast too. He stays out there until a little after the last missile is out, so you have plenty of time to hit him. You can also XFC after 9 hits (18 hits if you catch both characters) and Bracelet or just XF > Fire Dragon for about 90% of his health.

What do u guys do against Magneto’s Disruptor beam? I can’t figure out a way around it with Arthur.

The Lance or Holy Lance should take care of that, believe me, not only punishes Magneto, but also staggers him to either do another Lance or a Goddess’ Bracelet!

Goddess bracelet, Fire dragon… Or…

Find a good place to counter with lances. One will eat the beam, one will hit him which is an easy confirm into goddess bracelet

Magneto is a tough match for me. I don’t even have a solution for his bullshit. EM disruptor is really good against Arthur. I like jumping forward and doing firebottle against him. It stops Magneto from doing them damn beams. Maybe could stop rushdown shrug

Again, I strongly suggest the Golden Armor w/ Holy Lance, it’s incredible how you shut off the Electromagnetic Disruptor and because you’ll score a Counter Hit, you can also throw another lance for 45% of damage. Just be sure to keep your distance as Magneto it’s a beast on the offense.

What’s Arthur’s answers to teleporters? I’m specifically having trouble with Wesker and Phoenix. I do play Haggar with lariat assist, but I want to know my options if Haggar is dead or I don’t want to risk calling him.

yo sup mail!

haven’t seen you in a long time, just happened to be lurking by srk and saw your name pop up here since you made a new post.

anyways arthur is in my main team which now has become my sub team so I don’t play him as much.
But in my experience vs. teleporting characters, my advice is don’t fall into patterns or spam too much with your projectiles and jump alot if you aren’t good at blocking cross ups. If they catch your rhythm they will punish you or get in easily especially wesker who is really a hard target to hit. I used to get punished alot if i ever did 2 reps of anything like air dagger lance air dagger. So I pretty much limit myself to 1 rep, stop or super jump and watch how the opponent reacts. Especially vs beamers and beam assist. Dorm and the likes always will try to beam hyper you if you projectile too much so watch out.

Jumping can mess you up sometimes if they like to teleport next to you in the air and air throw you like dorm or wesker.
However you don’t really have to worry about combos after that mostly just worry about their wake up game, so beware wesker when he is paired with the likes of sent.

If you have lvl3 and think you can read their teleport and kill off that character then do it. Especially phoenix who has low health, you have lots of invul on it.

I have arthur coupled with doom missiles so if they do get close to me they still have to worry about missiles.
All I have to worry about is if they beam hyper to punish my assist. Dorm is especially good at reacting and using fast start up chaotic flame. However one thing you can count on is that it’s hard for dorm to really start physical offense so you don’t have to worry that much that your assist will get snapped in, so most likely free heal up. Wesker won’t be able to punish your assist very well especially haggar so not that much to worry about. Phoenix and especially dark phoenix I wouldn’t risk it because of her hyper.

Would like to play with ya man, too bad i’m on live though never use my ps3 which I’m assuming thats what you play on.

yea errrr I’m dumbfounded about what to do in the MODOK matchup. His shield protects him from everything with the exception of jumping crossbow. Anyone have any general tips or experience?

Also, how are you guys dealing with characters who have extremely fast full screen beam supers (i.e. Dormammu). I hate eating those things because of Arthur’s shitty health. I can never comfortably set up Arthur’s projectile “wall” because of those threats. I’ve taken to using x-factor to cancel my projectile recovery so that I can block the super beam in time. However I hate using x-factor in that manner.

[*]NOTE: Arthur has a double jump, but you can’t double jump if you jump and throw a projectile. So be wise when you jump. Decide whether to not do anything, double jump, or throw a projectile.

With proper timing you can super jump > 2 daggers or 1 lance > double jump > throw more shit. The timing is kind hard and all depends on where you were height wise when you throw the second dagger or lance.

If you tigerknee a crossbow with a normal jump you can double jump afterwards, I’m sure it can be done with a dagger too. Not sure what else. Also, Arthur with hidden missiles and hulk AA assist seems to work great. The DHCs fit ridiculously well together too, (Golden Bracelet > Approach then DHC into Sphere Flame > quickly DHC into Gamma Crush) tons of goooooood damage.

Nice info guys!, sorry about the delay in the steps of updating this post, I was having problems with my Internet provider but now everything is resolved, I will update the main post ASAP and will answer more questions like what Mailorder said about teleporters and about Bronzefist question about the matchup against MODOK.

Cheers and have a nice week!

No worries, this is about patience, Wesker usually teleports directly in your head, because the players tend to mash the Samurai Edge (:f::h:). If you know that Wesker will appear in front of you (upwards) try to time the Heavenly Slash (:dp::m:) that will punish him. But here’s the deal, if he appears upwards but directly in your back, try not to mess up your guard, because those cross-ups are a pain in the ass, your best bet it’s to watch carefully the distance that Wesker travels in order to know where he will appear. Block the cross-up correctly and A.Guard him to keep the pressure away. Take advantage of your projectiles and watch out of that pesky projectile counter, if you can bait a Counter correctly (because the window where he can counter it’s so small) you can keep him away and thus locking him.

Phoenix…Well if you mess up it can lead to Arthur’s K.O. What I do it’s try to time the Silver Shield :dp::l: to stagger her and follow up with a BnB combo that can lead to her demise. But this can be totally evaded by starting the match and forcing her to be on point using snap backs and pressuring her, ergo with this tactic she won’t revive and you’ll get the upper hand very fast.

Regarding MODOK…Rush him, yes, you read well, rush him, he’s a large target, he doesn’t have many counter-attacks besides the Killer Illumination and the Dorito Shield which can be Super Jumped and on your way down you can try to use the :s: to score an overhead. Once that you are in mid-distance you can try daggers because they are extremely fast.

About the Full-Screen Hypers, there are 2 ways to totally evade a screw up. The first one it’s try to bait out the hyper and block it completely and counter-attack with your own projectiles (watching out the opponents hyper meter). The other one it’s to try to rushdown with your projectiles locking out the opponent and in case that he wants to counter with a hyper the opponent will whiff it because you will cancel the animation with your projectiles.

Hope this info helps!.