I come from a land down under: Jeffry McWild Thread

All things that have to do with the Australian beast

Strategy courtesy of virtuafighter.com:


Post all your strats here!

So is Jeffry black or what?

Most of the stuff in the first post is obsolete now

A lot of the stuff from the combo list is not applicable since it is from Vanilla 5

EDIT: Beat me to it

I’ve been trying to figure out an optimal wall combo. After a wall stagger I’ve been using f+K, P, b,df+P+K, KPP. I know there’s better combos that reach well into the hundreds, but i haven’t seen them yet.

Also, I miss Splash Mountain as a standalone (non wall) throw so I spam toe kick alot now lol. I did not know that you can fit in a dash after connecting a toe kick before doing QCF+P+K. It is hilarious seeing max range toe kick -> backdash -> throw connect.

Time to watch more vids.

Wished I had known that. Thanks for the heads up, will edit shortly.

Try this. From splat:

qcb+P+K, d/b+K+G, P, d/f+P+G

Flashy and goes well into the hundreds depending on which move you used to splat, or especially if you stunned them on wall first and they didn’t shake out it in time so that adds to the combo dmg. f,f+K+G to splat on wall is just rape anyway. Also, the above combo is move damage if you don’t go into punch->airgrab, and instead substitute it with KPP (KPK in some instances). Or sometimes I just end with hcf+P+K for oki.

The Jeffry thread is probably the only one (or one of the few) on VFDC that is actually updated with good shit.

You might need to get to page 2/3 when he does individual move and combo situation breakdowns because the stuff from the first post was from pre-ver.A. For some reason no one has let him edit the first post yet…

I’ve used the advice from that thread on wall splat hits, doing HCF+P+K to resplat them into 4,3+P+K for high bound, 4+P, threat, threat PP for low bound, 66+PP. This should always net you 100-ish dmg and should work on all weight classes other than lol taka

For Taka it’s wall splat -> qcb+P+K high bound, KPP low wall splat, 2KP (should do 87 off sidekick) or 3P+G (does 91, but can be broken, naturally)

Tried Jeffry today, and really loved him. he’s such a relaxing style and very patient compared to how I use Brad. Plus i just love seeing Damage in the 100’s.

Hi, I’m a long time Jeffry player, but he’s always took a backseat to Aoi. But I’m finding that I’m working to hard with her and she has really crappy damage. I’m fed up, and I need that damage. I love Jeff pokes and delayed strings. Seems like when he makes a good read, he makes it hurt. I like that.

It’s a shame not much Jeffry talk in here. so how about a top 10 list to get things heated up.


are all no brainers, so I’ll skip those

3K- this kick is a great ranged interrupt and whiff punisher
3P+K- a great i16 crumble stun to set up for a combo and is safe too.
3K+G - very slow, but I love this move, great for more whiff punishing into over 100 damage combo’s
43PP - nice double handed attack to smack that bitch Aoi and can go over lows
K+G - only full circular move that does a ton on counter hit
4P- a good half circular that can lead into Threat
P+K - his best way to going to threat
Threat P- the only way to combat 2P from threat, make the opponent respect threat before using 6P into hit throw
66PP - a good way to close distance, Jeff is -1 on hit but but +4 on CH, so you need to pay attention or risk eating a counter hit yourself.

Threat K can beat 2P as well.

you are right. I always thought it was too slow, but i just checked in dojo, and even if they block the P+K+G threat K will beat a 2P