I challenge JMar at Evo Vegas 1st to 10 for $200

I’m not some crazy baller like most of these 1k-3k MM LEGENDS on here lol! I’m more simple than that.:sweat: But I know many people love the Jmar vs Demon Hyo series because they’re always nail bitters and always interesting to watch.

But more importantly, I would really like to see who’s better in a long set between us, so I’m willing to play him if he’s up for it. Fugee is already down with this, but it’s been pending for quite some time because we weren’t sure of anything yet.

Now… it’s all up to JMar to accept.

damn, this would create a lot of hype for evo, definitely thousands of dollars worth of sidebets on this one

Oh shit this one should be good!!I want in this one but i’m going for JMAR…let me know where to put the sidebets at…thanks

get at Me!

i already got too many sidebets so i’ll keep it small and go for mr.impossible for 20 if he accepts

I like Bustin Bong all day…

And I love the randomness:lovin::lol:

I sure will do that for just 40 bucks


Hope he accepts

lol did you pm him?

Just wondering is this still going down?Did Jmar accept the challenge??

I’ll have to ask him about it at the next meet. I doubt that he’ll put major money on this, though.

Jmar has informed he isnt sure if hes attending worlds this year but if he does he will engage into mms at that time.

It would be nice if this ever goes down…