I...can't...parry..lows...for shit

Help me plz. ;_;

you dont believe in tiers, and you also cant parry low?

kinda hurts credibility.

anyways, to parry low tap down and then return the stick to neutral. i like to imagine that the neutral direction triggers the parry, not the down, but thats just me. try it out if you want.

Ok, maybe I was a little vague.

I KNOW HOW to parry thorws. But I can’t predict them/see them coming.

include more healthy foods with midichloreans in your diet.

^ Hey! It worked!

No seriously, nevermind, I actually just got it.

Just practice in parrying training. Thats why they give you that mode. Also, tiers are for real. You are not.

Tiers are shit. It’s a false sense of security fighting gamers came up.

Whether or not you win depends on your skil level, not the character you choose. Therefore, tiers=bullshit.

Also, parry training= bullshit.

The only thing I found it useful for was leanring to parry supers. Other than that, the fact that you RECORD the moves eliminates what makes the function so risky to begin with. Therefore, I don’t find it to be good practice at all.

I agree with you 100%…no I’m kidding. What the hell are you talking about? Do you even know what game you’re referring to? Tiers are a guideline based on match-up possibilities between any 2 characters, suggesting how the match will most likely turn out and which character is in favour to take the win. I agree it’s not concrete evidence and anything is possible, but even you have to agree that tiering DOES exist. If you were to face a good Chun-Li or Yun, would you pick Twelve or Sean? You might, but statistics suggest that you have a very good chance of getting P3WNED!

Which piece of literature have you read that says Parry Training=Bullshit? How else should someone who doesn’t know how to parry get an understanding of it? Maybe walk into an arcade with a bunch of high-level players with $50.00 worth of tokens and blow it all on in-match parrying? As for parrying throws…teach me how :tup:

If you agree with that, then why are you even asking me this question? Anything is possible, suggests that a good Yun player can get the shit kicked out of him by a good Sean player.

Funny, that most people consider Chun-Li the best character in the game, yet I’ve never seen two guys that use her identically. It depends on the person. Not the stats.

I’ve…never run across anyone who has trouble understanding the concept.

“How do you do that.”

“Tap foward agianst the blow. You have to time it out right.”

“Oh. Ok.”

After that, the only thing to really learn is when to use it. I don’t find parry training effective for this at all…becuase you ALWAYS know exactly when to use it in that mode.

are you serious?

yeah parry THROWS :rofl: (in case you don’t know, you can’t do that).

Do you even understand what matchup charts & tier lists are?

There is no 10-0 matchup anywhere in 3s, which means that anyone can win against anyone. So yes, it is possible for Sean to beat Yun. But chances are, Yun will beat Sean much more often than Sean will beat Yun.

Tier lists are decided based on 2 people with theoretically EQUAL SKILL LEVEL. Therefore, the difference has to be in the characters chosen.


Btw, you tap down to parry low.

Buddy, now you’re just fucking with me…don’t do it.:tdown: Are you telling me after reading that post you still don’t get it?

Re: People thinking that Chun-Li is the best - Never said that, but she is pretty good don’t you think? BTW, surprising that you’ve never seen two Chuns being played similar cough"Robot Chuns*cough"

Re: Parrying - You’ve never run across anyone that couldn’t understand the concept of parrying…but you can’t low parry? Think about that:wonder: Maybe if you HAD used Parry Training, then you would grasp the concept and timing…it would kill you to try it.

Literacy is a big problem nowadays my friend, either you start attending classes or get a tutor so you can read these posts and effectively reply to them. If you don’t agree with my posts, then discuss this shit man. You decided to try and flame me without understanding what was there. Your delusional, you’re playing some alien version of 3S and parrying throws for God’s sake. How old are you anyways? 12? 15? You are a SERIOUS newb, I can tell by your posts. Take care.

I disagree.


Ok, ok, so, when skill is equal is when tiers matter? I personally beleive that the only time skill levels can be equal is when two players practice and fight with the same character for the same amount of time at the same pace.

Yeah, that hardly ever happens, so yeah. I’ve beat Chun-Li’s with my Ryu, and I’ve had Necro’s beat my Ryu. I just don’t agree with tiers.

I know how. I was asking for strats.

You are an idiot. Of course I wasn’t talking about CPU controlled chuns. Yeah, I think she’s pretty good. I thinka ny character can be.

I can low parry. you just can’t read.

And I had tried. I just soon realized that it doesn’t help much because you know exactly when the attack is coming. Making it…well…pretty easy…when compared to in-match parries.

Sigh, and now the generic insults begin. First off, I didn’t edit this:

Because I gave some of you enough credit to know what I was talking about. Typos are made sir. I MEANT LOWS. this fact, makes your entire insult directed towards this sentance pretty meaningless.


No really.

Point it out to me.

I mean shit, talk about being delusional and literacy being a big problem.

I really don’t think he meant CPU controlled, by robot Chuns… lol

You may want to edit that part out.

Ok Tigerboi Tiers dont matter right?

Me and you: My Gill against your Twelve. 2 out of 3 for $100 You down?

What is there to disagree about? You think Sean can win equally against Chun/Yun/Ken? Get out of here man. Yeah Sean could win, but it’d probably be 3 out of 10, or worse.

So explain to me how EVERY character is equal to each other. List the characters, and talk about how they can go even with EVERY ONE ELSE in the game. Then I’ll believe you. And you’re right, devlopers didn’t create a bunch of characters with the intent of having players huddle under a select few. It just kinda worked out that way.

How the hell do you fuck up the spelling of “lows” so much it comes out as “thorws”?

That was his point. You can win, but a chun with equal level as you will beat your ryu more times then you will beat her.

You’re an idiot. Robot Chuns isn’t the CPU nub. It’s a term used to describe scrubby chuns who do the same thing over and over again (use fierce at max range, spam back + fierce, low forward…always the same, like a robot).

You should of said that before. It’s the same as parrying high though. You think a low hit is coming, tap down. Simple. If you whiff a roundhouse near your opponent, and they’re kinda braindead, they’ll probably try and hit low. Tap down. You do low forward against a shoto, and they’re kinda braindead, they’ll probably try and do low forward back. Tap down.

Seriously, since you’ve been here you haven’t said anything really that made sense to me, 3s wise.

look tigerboi, you should probably shuttup about your opinions about tiers.

your not gonna change the majorities minds.

also you may wanna try reading up on http://www.sirlin.net

it may change your mind about things. it certainly opened my eyes.

and start going to tourneys.

you’ll see things from a better perspective if you do.

whats your location?

He’s probably one of those posters that thrives on having his location unlisted. I don’t know why you guys are wasting time with this guy.

^ Nashville.

but…gill is designed to be cheap. ;_; no fair.

It does’t matter if you beleive me or not and I don’t really feel like doing that. It’s just something I’ve stuck to. Anything is possible as long as my guy can knock your guy out I always say.
To me, it’s just all about who the better player is.

Becuase I suck.

Well, I learned something new. My apology goes to glitch for that line.

Deus: Read it, didn’t do a thing for me. So no.

there aren’t really any “strats” for parrying lows. It doesn’t get further than either you guessed right or wrong or if you read your opponent correctly (like if he does like cr.lk, cr.lk, cr.mk, you could probably parry the cr.mk but it’s risky).