I cant go to EVO2k6 Thread

Sups fighters of the world…

I’m breaking my now 5 year tradition of going to EVO…due to some shows I have to due here in the Bay Area…Thanks for all the support from my peoplez out there…Imma practice up and see you next year…

Dont forget !!!

        DR.B and MISTAH FAB


        Toon's in San Jose,CA


was making a thread really necessary? or was this another one of your self promoting posts…:ugh:

No S groove at Evo 2k6!!! NOOOOOO!!!

Damn the first Evo I go to and the one time where I could have finally met you and your not gonna be there. lol Anyway best of luck with everything out there man, you sound like a dedicated brother!


I’ll be back next year…Business 1st these days…

- D R B