I cant find AE PC anywhere :(

I’ve tried Walmart, Best Buy, and Target and still no luck. I didn’t know that many people played AE on the pc to where it would be sold out everywhere. Or maybe they just don’t sell it there. I want this game so badly

This might sound dumb/obvious, but have you tried buying it off Steam? I’m guessing the reason why you are asking where you can buy it is because you don’t want to buy it off Steam, if so, ignore this post. :slight_smile:

My connection is shit slow. Ill be waiting 3 days for it to download if I buy it from steam :frowning:

Actually, all you need is to buy a CD-KEY for SSFIV AE, and you can ask your friends for a SSF disk to install it on your PC. Anyways without CD-KEY, you won’t be able even to save game, which makes it unplayable (not all characters are available, you can’t save, you can’t save Button config either, forget about online). Without CD-KEY it is something like a Demo of SSF4 AE. So IMHO it is pretty legal way. If be short, you get content from your friends, etc… and buy CD-KEY from Steam or GFWL site.

Thats because AE PC did not have mass physical copy distribution. If you want a physical copy you have to order it from Capcom or Amazon.


Thanks for clearing that up man! I ordered it off Amazon with a Visa Gift card. Im about to mod the shit out of this game. LOL

If there’s a Fry’s anywhere near you they might have had it, but you already probably got it cheaper from amazon.

You can also get it from Direct2Drive. I have not purchased myself there, but I have other titles and have had no issue. All you need is to download it. If you need a physical copy just burn the install file to DVD and you got a physical copy. Without leaving the comfort of your room, you basement dweller!

That doesn’t solve his issue of “slow as mud” internet. Though to be fair, he’d probably spend more time waiting for a delivery to arrive than he would simply downloading it :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope his net is fast enough to actually PLAY the game.

Yes my connection is fine. Online is perfect. but my Internet company has a restriction on my download speed because that’s not what I paid for. That’s all. AT&T is ass.

I already purchased it dood. It should be here today or tomorrow

I accidently edited the wrong file when I was messing around in Ono! and couldn’t find the replacement .bcm after 20minutes of searching. So I just deleted the game and red/led it from steam. Only took 50minutes :3

Why didnt you make a backup first? That’s the #1 rule when modding ANYTHING. lol

I did, the problem was that I accidently opened he backup instead of the version I had been modding earlier.