I can't do Chun Li's Light SBK consistently. Please help? (SFV)

I just recently picked up Chun Li. Prior to her, I’ve never really played a charge character so perhaps that may be affecting my ability to use her. So the problem is, I can’t seem to do her LK SBK consistently. When I start the combo, I begin with Cr. LP, then I shift the stick to neutral, then I tap St. MP while simultaneously shifting the stick really quickly back down so I can start charging early, then hit Cr. MK, xx LK SBK and for some reason the damn SBK comes out maybe 50% of the time. Idk whether or not I’m either not charging long enough, or canceling the move too early/late during Cr. MK but something is wrong. I turned on my input data but idk if that would even help me in this situation considering this is a charge move and you can’t really tell how many frames you’re holding the charge for… Sometimes I’ll get in the groove of it and be able to perform it 4-5 times in a row and then suddenly I just can’t do it and Idk wtf is wrong with me. I mained with Evil Ryu during my time in USF4 and I was able to pull off some very complex combos, yet this charge combo seems fucking impossible to do consistently compared to it. I’ve been practicing for the last 3 days w/ her and I still can’t perform it consistently enough and I’ve landed it maybe twice in a real match online. Any advice? ty

It’s true that it’s harder to gauge what you’re doing wrong with a charge combo than say an E.Ryu combo because as long as you see your inputs come out correctly and hit the link on the pseudo 1 frame you’ve pretty much got your E.Ryu combo down. Whereas with Chun Li you can’t really visually see how many frames you have charged.

LK SBK is the easy mode bnb so it’s strange that you’re having that much trouble with it. Optimally you should be doing the MK SBK, but that requires frame perfect charge and probably shouldn’t bother trying for now. Most tournament players stick to LK SBK since it’s more practical early on, but eventually I think you’ll see everyone do MK SBK for the extra damage and corner carry.

The only other thing I can say is to try and delay your link between s.MP and c.MK a bit so you have a bit more extra time to charge. The input buffer helps you do this. Otherwise you shouldn’t be having a problem since LK SBK comes out 6 frames faster than the optimal MK SBK so it really shouldn’t be an issue.