I can't beat this guy

I have played a few t.bonnes online and one of my friends who i play with really frequently uses this char. no matter which of my characters i pick, i just cant seem to beat this guy. I use colossus. and even the qcf.k charge thing doesnt have enough priority to beat him, and every time i can get hit with just a jab, like if i get punished for anything, i get comboed into a super. My friend isnt vastly better than me, but when he plays this char it almost seems like theres literaly nothing i can do. Does she have any BAD matchups, or is there anything i can do against her? I’m using omega red, blackheart and X right now. (thinking of replacing with sentinal.) Pls help! thanks in advanced.

Keep her out and stay above her. Tron’s attack angles are fairly limited. Invest in a good Anti-air assist. If she’s playin’ games and just repeatedly air dashing overhead, just super-jump into that with a high-priority normal-- she doesn’t have an air super so you’re actually pretty safe if you jump to avoid the cross-up.

thanks! Also, in the air, T.bonne has this arm swinging move where the upper-half just spins around. That move t.bone does in the air with the arm swinging has crazy priority and comes out quickly, what do u recommend to beat this? Also, do you happen to play omegared or blackheart? Also my friend LOVES to rushdown and (i think this is called triangle jumping???) jumping over my head and hitting me, like trying to get me to mess up my block. I use omega red as my first char and blackheart(ground) as my second. Im not sure who my 3rd should be, but ive got a serious problem with being rushed down when im playing blackheart, who is my clutch char. Any advice on how to stop this?

use Cyclops with that team