I cannot stand Seth in SF5 here's why

I’ve always disliked seth as a character. He is a poor design. And i’m going to let my voice be heard. Why the hell is Seth in SF5 both male and female? Is this Capcom trying to get rid of gender as a construct altogether? I’ve also noticed that capcom has gone completely corpo brand in all of it’s tournaments. Where top players are litterally selling out to these stupid corporate brand and they wear there gear on stream. I don’t have a problem with this but it seriously makes the players look lame. What ever happened to just setting back and enjoying the game for what it is? Having originality incorporated into the community. Now when I watch matches I see people with corporate branding and logo’s. It just seems like it’s all about the money now and i’m actually surprised we haven’t seen top Japanese players getting into slugging matches over this shit. It ltterally amazes me. Anyways good luck and have a nice day. I feel as though there needs to be a contradictory opinion out there so please do no censor voices out there. We want you to hear us so you can improve don’t take criticism as a bad thing. But as a way to improve.

Your Seth thread is actually a “I don’t like players being sponsored and getting paid because I think its lame” thread.

There’s nothing in here about why you don’t like Seth other then he has robo tits and a deep voice and that seems to make you uncomfortable.

Your voice could have continued to go unheard, you’ve said nothing of value.


Holy shit stfu. Seth is a fucking robot. Stop whining like a soy boy fucking bitch.


This is a troll thread right? The OP isn’t actually serious…right?

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Back in the day we played Street Fighter because it was fun.

Now people play Street Fighter because it’s their job.

Seth has always been low effort trash, but I need to stop falling for waifu fighters hitting me with xir rushdown pressure. I’m a dum dum, and tend to choke at my advanced age.

Please send help.

Bruh, you serious right now?

Pulling necromancy just to say this ish.

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Not particularly.

Purely in jest.

My apologies. However, fundamentally I have always felt Seth was a lame boss. :stuck_out_tongue:

No one cares.