I cannot hit side knee into tragedy assault

I can hit a raw side knee into it but off crouching mp or hp into side knee into ta nope

5 fuckinf days and still nothinf 3 hours a day

What’s happening when you are trying to do it from cr.mp, b+mk xx l.TA? Are you stuffing up the link from cr.mp to b+mk or is the TA geting blocked?

I can only give advice for using a stick. Something that helped me is I try to do the cr.mp by holding d/b (or down). After I connect a cr.mp I **roll **the stick to the back position by keeping it pressed against the gate. I find this reduces random jump backs and other errors.

If you’re having issues cancelling into the l.TA then I can only suggest more practice. This combo felt very difficult at first but after breaking it down and practicing it I can hit it 99% of the time from both sides.

Good luck!

put in my kowal and 2.5 spring can’t seem to hit it on the elft side but can land it on the ride side :frowning:

I can’t do it pls help

Which part of the combo do you not connect with? Is it the c.MP -> b+MK or is it the b+MK xx TA?

Like what lostintranslation, best way to nail this combo is to hold the stick / pad in the down-back (db) position and press MP. This will execute the c.MP and the moment it makes contact (or hits), you have a shorter movement to slide the stick to the back position to do the b+MK part of the combo. From there, just be sure to quickly perform the dp + P, or you can use the shortcut f,qcf + P if that is easier for you.

To add on to what lostintranslation said, I’d suggest breaking it down into parts. Try doing the c.MP -> b+MK by itself. Then when you get good at that, do the b+MK xx TA part. Adding it together will just take muscle memory and crisp execution. Also, don’t forget to practice doing the combo facing both sides! And try to be patient, it’s kind of like playing sports: you can’t sink that 3 pointer 100% of the time on your first couple of times of shooting.