I am terrible...need help :/

I’ve been playing the game for a little while now and…I’m doing absolutely terrible even against other terrible players.

I keep trying to learn from my matches but so far the game is just way way too random that it feels impossible to learn anything. I get blown up for pressing buttons to be offensive and I get blown up for trying to be defensive and punish moves that seem to have no window to get punished.

Even if I know my opponent has a pattern sometimes the netcode just says “lol no” and stops me blocking high or low.

Perhaps there is something to the game I just don’t get but right now it’s such a random mess I can’t seem to find anything to work with. Any help :frowning:

What game and system are you talking about? I can probably help you.

Mahvel :V sorry should have made it clear.

You’re trying to play Marvel online? Already “random” game + lag = yolo footdives forever.

If you “get blown up for being offensive” and “get blown up for being defensive,” your offense and your defense suck. Keep it simple, stupid.

Do you have your combos down? Combos are an easy way to beat bad players. And you should be doing a touch of death with your point character, at least through TAC or reset.

Since posting this I have been playing a lot more players at lengths of time and starting to see more “patterns” to some characters randomness and I’m gradually getting the hang of it.

Combos I can do fine I just really need to work on adapting to how random the game seems in order to actually land them. Obviously there’s some things to watch out for amongst the mess.

Current team is Tron/Frank/Sentinel so TOD’s with Tron aren’t that common since I am trying to get Frank levels but in most cases Frank DHC can reset kill the opponent anyway.

Are there things in particular I need to watch out for that’s more or less universal with the cast rather than matchup specific. Certain approaches/zoning I should watch out for? When pushblocking is good or bad to get people off me when needed but at the cost of losing the close range needed by Tron/Frank?