I am Tekken, you will obey! Heihachi team synergy

Hey guys I was browsing through all the other characters and I noticed that Hei didnt have a team synergy thread so here it is xD

In my opinion Hei should be an anchor due to his slow walk speed and damaging tag in combos.

Currently running Rolento/Hei

What about you guys?

Agree that he’s rubbish on point. You need someone who can make up for his obvious deficiencies in terms of mobility, neutral game zoning/poking and his somewhat suspect defense.

I kinda like him and hworang together, though they’re both awful at midrange. I’ve also been messing with ogre a little, and he seems to help make up for heihachi’s defensive deficiencies. I’m utterly convinced ogre is an excellent counter-pick to rufus. Also shotos, sagat and guile are pretty obviously good teammates.

I’ve been running sagat/ Hei for a while now. Mainly using sagat as a battery just zoning and AA’ing. Then if I can hit confirm into boost chain or switch cancel Hei is in close and the mix up starts. Works pretty good usually, only really have trouble when getting pressured heavily. Which at that point its my own fault since I let them in on Sagat or was not applying pressure with hei.

I think the general consensus is to run hei as anchor. In a game where being touched once means you lose 50% of your life. You’ll want a point man who can get that first touch. And hei isn’t it.

In the end. You could team him up with anyone, from, Sagat to Dhalsim to Rufus.

Running Sagat and Hei as well. Excellent team aside from ass speed. Sagat is a very good battery in the game, he’s got the best option to get hei in the action and that is his TU.

I’m running 2 speeds and one attack on hei!

I have been running Rolento/Hei as well but have been experimenting with Akuma and Ryu. Ryu seems to fall a bit short for me as he fills a similar role to Hei, and doesn’t really give any air dominance like Rolento does. Akuma is excellent at zoning but his pokes are terrible, hes great at getting in for the first attack and playing keep away. I have also considered Juri, but haven’t experimented with the two yet. Thoughts?

I’m currently trying out Juri and it seems pretty good so far. Juri can zone and build meter easily and also get in on fireball characters with teleport and divekick. Can handle pressure with teleport and ex pin wheel and also has great anti air which does 500 damage with super. Also found 500 damage switch combo using one bar and her pinwheel can be used to set up the mixup. Combo is Jumping HK Crouching HP x HK Senpusha switch Hei HP upper x HP x MP upper x HP x HK uppercut.

As Hei has trouble with jump ins, conditioning the opponent not to jump in with juri dealing 500 dmg each anti air is also very helpful.

Also her super does insane damage, doing 350 where as Hei’s only does 300 0.o

And running 2 meter gems and 1 dmg gem on Juri and 1 defense and 2 dmg gems on Hei

juri’s a whore. she rapes hei. especially with cl.hk xxJump.
good choice.

Ditto for running Sagat/Heihachi. But yeah, once the opponent closes in, it’s extremely hard for either of them to do much to get them off of them, especially when they’re jumping around hunting for ambiguous crossups (in a game where there is a lot of them).

Would Raven/Heihachi be a good team? If so, what gems should each of them have?

I think a good partner for Heihachi is anyone who can get in, since with my experience with Heihachi, once he gets in, he can pretty much stay in (since while his walkspeed is terrible his dash is pretty good for keeping up with someone who’s trying to run away).

I think Ken could make a decent partner, since his air-tatsus and step kicks can help him get in, his multi-hitting shoryuken leads to safe tag-ins, and if necessary he can zone (not very well but better than nothing). By the same token I think Ryu could work as a partner as well, but trying to safely tag-in Heihachi with Ryu probably won’t work out as well.

And @Sho 'Nuff, I think Raven could be an excellent partner as well. He seems to get in pretty well, has excellent mix-ups (which can lead to safe-tag ins I think), and he can run-away as well if you need to. As for gems, I think you should give Raven 2 meter gems and a power gem (or 3 meter gems), and use the ones that activate when you connect with x amount of special moves and normal moves. As for Heihachi, I give him power and speed gems. Personally I give him the power gem and speed gem that activate when your partner connects with a launcher, and then give him another power gem (or speed gem) that activates when he connects with x amount of special moves or normal moves, since when you tag in Heihachi it should only be when you get in. If you aren’t in with Heihachi, chances are you aren’t going to get in.