I always thought the X-factor was a neat feature

I liked how it gives a losing player a chance to make a comeback until…I have encountered this highly cheap Japanese player who has found a good way to exploit the level 3 x-factor with Arthur.

I play on PS3, and this Japanese player has about 1300 wins

He was using Deadpool, Dr.Doom and Arthur

He kept tagging between Deadpool and Dr.Doom but not Arthur, he saved it for last

He was owning me at the beginning, but I still managed to kill both his Deadpool and Dr.Doom while I had one character down on my team

Then finally came his Arthur, once he touched the ground, he turned his armor into gold, x-factor level 3, then spammed with his spears (down to forward + M button)

That’s all he had to do, just kept spamming spears. Once I blocked the 1st spear which he threw at me, I couldn’t escape at all, I couldn’t even jump or super jump because he had already thrown the next spear at me (thanks to level 3 x-factor speed) while I was still in block posture. Advancing guard couldn’t even help to give me enough space to escape or counter-attack. And I guarantee you that you can’t even do a teleport move fast enough to escape.

It is said that Level 3 x-factor gives a duration of 20 seconds, but each time his spears hit me, it only extends the duration even further. And here’s another bad news, the spear does a great chip damage on level 3! So, he can kill a full health blocking opponent in 10 seconds.

Ok, I’m gonna stop here. I don’t think I can really convince other people how serious that exploit with typing text only. I wished I could have recorded that match to show it. I’m sorry, I love the game, but that exploit just ruined it. I just hope that more players will be aware of it and use it too, then maybe Capcom will notice and do something about it

…If you lost to level 3 gold arthur just because of spears, I suggest you level up.

Yes, x-factor is shit, but seriously

Sounds like you have commonly encountered those level 3 gold spamming spear arthur players.

Maybe you could share how you dealt with them?

psst…lv3 xfc gld armored arthur is not news to us :stuck_out_tongue:

In anycase, how can you stop this barrage? I hate to say but you need to rush down arthur much better. As an arthur player, the most aggravating thing is losing to one mistake you make. Punish punish punish should be the goal, never ever let him get into that armor let alone xfc with it.

First, Superjump. Yes, it’s level 3 gold Arthur, but the only thing he can do now is crossbow and that’s not the problem. Second, try using hyper beams or just locking him down with invincible hypers or DHCs until X-factor or gold runs out, whichever happens first. Third…it’s Arthur. Even plain jumping owns him, and Superjumping does so even more. Rush him down until he can’t stick a foot out without you comboing him to hell and back.

Is that a glitch or something?

I would like to add that be wary of super jumping as a habit. If I saw that I’d super jump and throw an axe at you pushing you to the corner and resume the assrape with fire bottles and lances. Its not a bad strat but don’t get in a habit of doing it every time.

I think he is just referring to the stupidly nasty/awesome blockstring lv3 lance does with arthur.

  1. super jump and block. take the chip damage from crossbow if you have an insane lead. OR

  2. activate your own xfactor and then laugh at him.


No not a glitch, its the fact that every time Arthur’s spear, whether on blocked or hit, prolongs the duration of Xf level 3. Making the x-factor last longer than usual.

Like Xf, this happens with a lot of power up supers like Dante’s Devil Trigger, hitting the opponent will make the duration of the super last a little longer. Although, even when his time of the super is over, it last throughout whatever special/super he was doing previously.

XF3, sit there and block, and watch as Arthur struggles to start an offensive. Arthur cannot safely move in without throwing a projectile, and throwing projectiles makes it easy to just pushblock him right back out before he even gets close. By the time XF3 ends, his armor will have broken, which is a free combo and is usually game over.

If the spears are being thrown so that they are a perfect blockstring, they can be pushblocked to completely negate the chip damage. Arthur will respond by delaying spear throws so it’s no longer a perfect blockstring, which gives you an opportunity to escape. So even without XF, there are answers to it.


You should go into a match against Arthur and know that you either need an anchor who can run away from Arthur, or you need to not use XF until Arthur does. If you don’t do either of these things, you pretty much lose.

Basically this. If you see some kind of chip-heavy character sitting in a guy’s anchor slot, save your X-Factor. This goes for Arthur, Phoenix, Dorm, Akuma, Ryu, etc. Otherwise you’re setting yourself up to eat 5-mil worth of damage in beam/giant angry fireball/lance chip.

Snap Arthur in and kill him. You’re going to be having the same problem when X23 players start regularly setting up dirt nap with an assist so you have no way to escape and lose another character for losing a character. Snap characters with cheap killing stuff in and fuck them up.

Enough strats here, people struggling with XFC is nothing new, please use an existing thread next time.