Hypothetical question?

I have been wondering about a certain hypothetical question for quite sometime that i am sure someone here will be able to answer. I know the question is pretty pointless in the sense that it is just pure speculation more then anything else but ill just continue forward at any rate even if i do get flammed for creating anotherwhat ifthread. If Capcom where to release a hyperversion of the SF3 series that would allow you to chose characters from either S3:NG,SF3:DI and S3:3s how would this alter the tier listing and standings of the characters and would this effect the top tier whatsoever…thanks in advance.

2nd Impact had retarded combos.

They probably may down the line… but how about a NEW Street Fighter game or a NEW VS game first. :wink:

there is no way to answer that question because the game hasn’t been made

I wish I’d really played most of those oldies but from what Ive seen, maybe the 2nd impact players would be doing crazy combos and would take over.

2nd Impact…

New Generation had REALLY stupid stuff.

The first 2 installments of SF3 didn’t get much play for a reason.
I wouldn’t mind having the NG/2I backgrounds/BGM’s along with 3S’, but other than that, I dunno how I’d feel about it.

Would be nice to have 2I Alex/Sean back though.

New generation Oro FTW.