Hypothetical Patch/Update question

If you could get an update/patch with only ONE thing included what would u want it for?
Just change ONE thing about the game mechanics/characters/gameplay, anything, what would you change?

Personally I’d just fix the Rank glitch that makes you take a loss when your opponent rage quits.

I’d like a patch that removes MykeBoi’s ability to make threads.

a patch that unbans Joker from tournaments.

being able to skip through win poses faster.

This resent patch Ver1.02 for the new characters actually fixed a few bugs that I was going to make a video about. I’ve already recorded the video footage, but when I went on today just to check something I found they’d removed some of the bugs.

I’d change some of the input shortcuts, they’re bloody terrible.

Nerf Doomsday.

I second that. Most of them are pretty long, especially Deathstroke’s, ugh.

Blocking animation - it’s really hard to tell when your blocking imo. Game is pretty aggressive, need some sorta fancy lighting effects or something.

Change the coloring or lighting or something on the combo counter and damage, in certain levels it can be hard to read.

Then the “restart” option must still have stage select. Unless you are content with playing against a Deathstroke on guaranteed Ferris Aircraft ten times in a row.