Hyper Street Fighter 2: Anniversary Edition

In case you didn’t know another Street Fighter game thats made possible to play on kaillera with the new mames now is Hyper Street Fighter 2: Anniversary Edition. Its a cool game and a nice break from all the 3rd Strike being played :rofl:. So post here if you play the game, if you want to setup matches, or anything related to it.

Is this like 3rd Strike?

It was playable a while before SF3…but at any rate, I can be found hosting on Darom’s, GW, West Wonderland and/or Emularena (sometimes all at the same time if nobody’s joining).

No what this game is basically is all the old school Street Fighter 2 games rolled up into one game. Heres some gameplay of it to show you what I mean [media=youtube]hhLCq0SQTC8[/media]

he was kidding. he has the game, since it is on the same disc as xbox 3s (though from the sound of it, he’s probably never turned it on :rofl:).

I usually just skip past that menu screen. I forgot that option with the pic of all the SF2 characters was another game. Well…that and it’s a ghost town in that game now on XBL. For shame cuz its getting pretty popular in Japan now. I know the old school characters would piss me off to no end though so I can’t see myself really getting into this. ST is cool for me tho.

so basically this is an alternative with all of the classic Street Fighter 2 games in one package?

It has all character versions selectable, more or less in their original forms. I.E. you can play ST Ken vs. WW Ryu, Super Blanka against CE Dhalsim, etc etc. It holds true to form, in that you can’t play a WW character against the same WW character, and ST characters can only escape throws against other ST characters. There were minor “updates”, as well, such as nerfing ST O. Sagat, and fixing ST Ken’s super glitch.

what version of mame does this support?

You can play this on kaillera on the new Mame32++ versions which are hosted here http://ddememame.hp.infoseek.co.jp/