Hyper SF2 Anniversary Edition: Side Tourney at Evo2k4


“Thanks everyone for the spirited discussion. We’ve decided to stick with ST this year. We may or may not have an AE tournament in addition, but we will not be replacing ST with AE.
Thanks again,”

Even though many think HSF2 AE is the future of SF2. It has been decided that AE will not be replacing ST this year, for reasons I fully understand (though dont agree with). For more see: http://www.shoryuken.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=55544&perpage=&pagenumber=2

Anyway, as you can see above the powers that be are deciding wether to include HSF2 AE as a side tourney and thats what this thread is about. So lets hear from all the people who want to see this happen, also suggestions on what form the tourney will take and rules. SF2 players on either side of this argument should be for this side tourney because it will help prove if the game is tourney worthy or not.

I’ll get the ball rolling here:

Tourney: why not invite the current top ST players and people who are know to have been excellent players on some of the older versions/ have a particular speciality with an old character like Apoc’s Hyperfighting Balrog, Shirt’s with whatever old Sim he decides to use or even Tomo O’Hira’s Hyperfighting Ryu (well we can dream). This could also be set up as a ST vs Older versions team tourney or something like that. Obviously ST finalists get auto entry to this.

Rules: as already stated in the thread linked above I think ban
all World Worrior characters,
and possibly CE Bison (he’s under review, anyone attempeted the cornertrap yet?).

C,mon people.

I would like it to happen just because I’m interested in what the results would be.

But in the end, I’m guessing it’s going to end up on Support, and Organizing. Maybe if you can get enough people to sign up or whatever beforehand, as well as some extra people to help RUN the tourney on the side, it could maybe happen.

crayfish for president! :slight_smile:

what makes you so sure about it being the future of sf2? don’t the games usually have to be released in the US before they get added to evo?

My reasons for thinking AE is the future of SF2 I have already stated in the thread linked above. AE CPS2 English language is already arcade in London, so I’m sure will be released v soon in the US. Apparently this isn’t an issue anyway as the Cannons are already considering it. If you dont beleive AE is the future then a Evo side tourney will help prove it or not as the case may be.


EDIT: Sorry having looked again board in trocadero is not english language. Don’t know if its a Hong Kong board like the ones in link below or Japanese but it uses Japanese names ie Vega for Bison etc…

hopefully it comes stateside. i welcome it fully. but i’m not importing anymore. too many broken systems :(. if it doesn’t come stateside, it would be sad watching it replace ST. the game’s too classic to get replaced anyway. i’m all for watching a side tourney though just to check it out.

I don’t know why people honestly can’t just invest in a Gameshark or a Swap Magic Pro. You don’t need to mod your PS2 to play this game. And I am sure, everyone here has access to obtain a Gameshark. As far as this game replacing ST…I hope it does. I’m not sure why people are so concerned about AE replacing ST. People, AE “IS” ST, plus much more. And the “plus” constitutes more old skool SF, not new skool SF (Alphas, 3s, CvS, etc.). I mean, could you imagine if AE became tourney worthy? I would love to see one given day set aside for HF, another for SSF2, and then another day with the free-for-all normal gameplay (minus WW…I guess). AE will still allow those that love ST to still play and even better, it will allow guys like myself who like the more older versions (HF & SSF2) to play our favorite versions against one another.

true. i guess it doesn’t matter. most people play them all on mame anyway. for that, you really don’t need to own AE to be able to play it. to put them all against each other could turn into a lot of new challenges for me (i never seriously started playing until ST). for the most part i still haven’t given anything in the sf2 universe but ST attention. i’d like to play against some HF peeps to see what i missed.

I haven’t gotten a chance to play HSF as yet. :frowning: But really, is CE Bison worthy of banning?

In CE he was stupidly powerful, but I don’t think he’s broken compared to the overall power of the ST characters, or even some of the HF character. He would STILL die to HF Ryu and any version of Zangief.


A note: If CE Bison is banned, which I still don’t think should be the case, it wouldn’t be due to his cornertrap - it would be due to him being supremely scrubby and powerful, with his fierce torpedo doing more damage hit and blocked, scissors kick lockdown, and his redizzy. Still, HF shotos will still give him trouble (not as much as they do HF Bison, since at least CE Bison has a counter for HKs - c.fierce), and any version of Zangief player can still just walk forward with their hands over PPP and lariet anything he sticks out, get into splash range and tick him to death. ST Dhalsim could probably give him trouble too. CE Bison is powerful, but he’s no Akuma, and probably not even as bad (relatively) as the WW characters…

I can see a lot of things being done with this game. Team HF vs. Team ST, etc.

Yeah I think that had always been the main theory fighter topic for me, I always wanted a HF vs ST game. I think however the tourney might take shape those are the big questions. HF Balrog vs ST.O.Sagat, HF Ryu vs ST Ryu etc…

For more on these matchups see here:


Hmm, ST Old Dhalsim or CE Dhalsim.

Decisions, decisions.

Either way, expect to get thrown like a rag doll.


That’s a great thread. Next year for sure it should be standard at EVO.

Hey Shirts,
I’ve tried out CE Sim now and I think once you get a tast of the damage and dizzy points he deals out you wont go back. Your loosing the teleport, nice but only really vital in one or two matches, better go with Super or ST.O.Sim in those (btw is there any difference?) and stun Yoga Fire which is handy but not as consistently usefull as all round extra damage and dizzy.
BTW, you know any other players who are looking forward to playing and old character? Maybe you could form a team for some sort of pre-ST vs ST team match?

How bout:

AE proponents (you CE Sim, Apoc HF Rog etc…)
AE sceptics (Masaka ST Cammy, Cole ST Sim etc…)

That would answer questions about the game and provide a bit of drama/ fun:cool:. Also could include a top US Sim shodown match (see brackets)!

Just also to add, I think this console arcade issue is very bad for games with undecided status. People don’t want to be seen to be commiting to a tourney before they have got their way on this issue. Its especialy bad for this game I think because many of the players who would want to compete in this tourney are the strongest critics of console. Hence they’re not making their voice heard on here when they ordinarily would be.

Both the East Coast Championship 9: http://www.shoryuken.com/forums/thread55805.php and the Midwest Championship 2004: http://www.shoryuken.com/forums/thread52485.php are featuring HSF2 AE tournaments in their lineups and getting good feedback (see the threads) with lots of posts from participants. Seems to back up what I suspected about the lack of posting for Evo AE due to console arcade dispute.
ANYWAY, both these touurneys are high profile and take place before Evo2k4 so can hopefully provide some answers to some of the questions we have about the game.

Arcade board news:

5 Hyper SF2 AE - CPS2 boards available thu US dealer here: http://www.coinopexpress.com/products/pcbs/capcom_cps_ii/Hyper_Street_Fighter_2_%3AThe_Anniversary_Edition_4397.html

Hey Drunkenmaster,
are you in the USA? Are you going to go to Evo? Ifso who are you gonna play?




Check this link:


As noticed and discussed on this thread:


Would be really interested to hear any reports of AE being played at other tourneys. Even just results, should give some initial indication of how well the old characters are fitting in, and overall balance of the game.
So when ECC and MWC happen would love to hear from you people!

Unfortunately, our arcade is closing down. No chance of getting this game anyway:(

Damn. I need to get a ps2 and quick! Not that I’d have anyone to play against or test sh*t out with:( But then I don’t get that for ST either and I do aight going in cold n’ rusty. Hmmm? New handle maybe “coldnrusty.” I’d still compete even if I never got to analyze the game.


that’s BS, the only character you should ban is maybe Akuma. The world warrior characters suck in AE. They are so slow, like XBOX CVS2 laggggg live. Guile only has 1 speed on the sonic boom and one height on the flash kick, regardless of what button to press. They used the fixed version of World Warrior for Guile, cause if Guile had all ranges and speed of his flash kick/sonic boom, then you would be able to do the handcuffs, air throw, freeze, etc. with Guile, then you would have to ban Guile…

what havfe you benn smoking Jion_Wansu? whacky tabackey?.. anyway in my arcade everyone is choosing either world warrior (normal) or champion edition characters because they are the strongets… have you seen how much life a simple crouching short takes off? its insane … or even one fierce shoryuken from the shotos will give you a dizzy… heck i’ve even seen some guys get double dizzys with shotos and guile DOUBLE as in back to back… that’s what i call rapeness… so far i think the top tiers are champion vega (bison) normal and champion ken normal guile champion zangief and turbo sagat…

super turbo characters are crap in this game… ya hear me crap!

The first results of a HSF2 AE tourney are in, and Super Turbo characters seem to have dominated (though I really don’t have any info asto the quality of the players involved or their knowlege of the different SF2 versions).
The tournament was actually played in a cinema on a huge projection screen! That must have been awsome. Anyway read about it here: