Hyper SF Alpha

I bought the Alpha Anthology this weekend, and I love how crazy this game is. I read on the wiki for it that Pink Ism is banned, but what else would be banned if a semi-serious tournament for it was held? The Shin Akumas probably, right, but what other characters or combinations of characters with certain isms? Did any tournaments happen in america or japan for it at all?

What are you guys’ overall thoughts on the game and certain match ups in it?

Not much is known about HSFA. They had a side tournament at EVO 2k6, and the Alpha 1 characters dominated. You can read what little is known about the game in some of the earlier threads in this forum.

Yeah Im going through other threads involving Hyper, but theres the across the board rule to start new threads if others are really old.

Something I found that I havent seen mentioned yet is that Missingno Bison doesnt take damage from Missingno Sagat if the player controlling him doesn press any inputs, but Sagat will take damage if you dont put in inputs for him. A Missingno Bison match is probably the most boring mirror match of all time. Neither Bisons take damage as long as their player doesnt press anything, cant even throw him. Other characters cant hurt him either.

Another thing Ive noticed is the Parry with Blue Ism, its really forgiving. If you play a shoto you may end up parrying a fireball instead of srking through it since you can parry down to absorb fireballs as well as toward.

I remember psychochronic’s youtube page used to have a lot of casual vids of him playing hsfa with his friends. Unfortunately, I don’t remember them messing around with the shadowloo-isms much, if at all, but if you’re looking for a fix that’s a place to start.

I really wish they had implemented dashing and backdashing in green and blue isms. One of the hardest things to adjust to in the alpha games is the lack of ground mobility.

Eh, ST doesnt really have dashing in it so Im fine with that.

only me and mike watson played alpha 1 and did anything. Everyone else played that placed picked something else that I recall. Games a clusterfuck for sure but it got a lot of hate for things unwanted. Its funny basically people asked for it at EVO. I entered it on a whim just hearing about it, and basically murdered everyone but watson fooling around. So people got salty and were like oh this game sucks, we only had it because final showdown wanted it or some bullshit lol. Sore losers basically since I didnt even have the game period and only heard about it right before hand lol. They actually did add new took away stuff from characters. So one of those situations where people wnated a new game, but then when they found out there characters werent exactly the same they hated it lol… Anyway… I did have a one youtube video going through a lot of the changes but never got through all the characters. IMO I believe what probably happened was capcom decided to do hyper alpha, and they started readjusting the characters in it to make sure no one was to cheap(sans of course championship edition which is broke as hell), so a lot of combos dont work with characters anymore that were deemed to powerful. Changed the properties of some moves here and there. But only made a single quick pass on it, and the game got rushed before they finished fiddling with everyone.

Cool man, thanks for the reply! I think the game is super fun for what it is, but I dont have anyone who seriously wants to explore it with me. Wish I could see your video.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D21LNTi8Jlo&list=UUFF1QS6Qa_n-pwJEQMPeNTA well heres one of them. Theres other videos on my page as well. Again didnt go over everything but just a few things and maybe lost on if you dont know what your looking for… Also one thing I was thinking about after I posted this as well is after the tournament I found out auto mode is hella broke. THeres a bug in the hyper version of it where after you use up your free blocks, although you have to block for yourself again, now certain moves can then be blocked that normally arent blockable and certain overheads no longer hit low either. Whats more the game also has already has a quasi alternate guarding thing that was added to it or somethign so you can basically just turtle the the whole time if yo have the lead.

Man thats no fun.