Hyper grab loop frustration

I can never get it right, my main problem is that I always either mess up on the S.J buffer or the ais dash down+H. for example: i do Hyper grab +S.J, then I do my air dash+H but it never connects, i always drop it by the H never connecting (or never even showing up) or the hyper grab gets dropped. Is there something that i’m doing wrong?

If your addf H never comes out or it comes out too late that means you’re doing addf H too slow. You’re essentially plinking the dash into the normal.

Break down the combo a bit more.

Concentrate on the weak parts of your combo. For the SJ after Hyper grav is mainly a timing issue so jump in training, hyper grav and SJ to make sure your getting the SJ right out after. After a couple of times, get S, j.H, ADDF j.H, s.H xx Hyper grav into buffered SJ.

For the Air Dash H, a few tips regarding it:

1. Learn to Plink/Piano LM~H
2. Make sure you’re jumping* HIGH* enough, this is nearly always the problem people have when they start to learn the Hyper grav. Check this by putting dummy in corner, super jumping up and trying to air dash down H. You want the normal to hit a standing Captain America or another average size hitbox.
3. The direction you SJ and air dash down is very important. It easier to SJ directly up to Air dash directly down but the combo will drop eventually. Its good to try this way so you get an idea of the mechanics. The way I personally do it is SJ UF, Air Dash Down but it is possible to sj U, ADDF H but I feel its less consistent than uf, add H.

Finally, if the hypergrav misses, it means you didn’t cancel the s.H (after the ADD j.H) quick enough. You could try to seperate the combo out so your brain computes different parts of the combo independantly.

so for instance you could practice 3 different sections

S, j.H ADDF j.H, s.H xx Hyper grav

Buffered Super jump cancel
s.H xx Hyper Grav

Start learning by doing Starter to 1 twenty times. Then practice 1 to 2 (but dont actively try to get the loops down, just make sure your 1 to 2 is consistent). Then add the 3. It’s common sense but I find a lot of people who have trouble with specific combos are trying to take too much on at once and should force themselves to go at a slower pace

Hopefully that will give you some ideas on whats going wrong.

If you are using the super jump ‘up’ or ‘up forward’ version, air dashing ‘down’ is better oppose to air dashing down-forward.

If you’re using the super jump up-back version then yes its a must to use the air dash down-forward version.

Use this as visual aid:

So I’m getting tired of not being able to play one of my favorite characters in the game/Marvel universe because of my inability to do this combo.

  1. There are definitely some intricacies to this combo that are left out of the various youtube tutorials. The game is a lot more picky about the loop than simply allowing you to do standing H, sj u/uf, add H, st. H xx HG repeatedly. Apparently there is a specific height that you have to reach via your sj u/uf and if you don’t hit it, you can still get the add H and the st. H, but the rest of the loop from there won’t work (the hyper grav will not connect). What is this height?

  2. Probably the biggest issue is the sj u/uf buffer. The window for the buffer is apparently extremely narrow. What I mean by this is that yes you can buffer it before the hyper grav comes out, but you can’t do it as far ahead of the hyper grav’s release as many of the videos intimate. If you buffer it too early it won’t come out at all, but if you buffer it too late apparently you can’t add in time to get the 2 H’s, or even if you do, your opponent won’t be left high enough for the hyper grav after the standing H to connect.

  3. If someone knows the notation for the hyper grav loop that uses the jumping M in addition to the double H’s I would really appreciate it. It’s the one you see MC X ray use. Apparently it’s easier/more consistent.

If someone is willing, I want to “match” someone on xbox live just so they can watch me try to do the loop and then explain what I’m doing wrong/ show me the loop themselves. Unfortunately I don’t have a recording device.

I’d match you and watch/teach but I dont have xbox. The jumping M HG loop is:

sj.adf.MH, st.H xx HG

Thanks I really appreciate the help. Any comments on the height and sj buffer timing issues?

thanks for the advice, but I think i finally got it down, offline. Online is a completely different story.

The super jump buffer or the height you must be to air dash down or down/forward are really easy stuff. The big thing about the hyper grav loop is that you HAVE to plink air dash L+M with H. It’s much easier if you map your last button on your arcade stick to L+M and plink it with H.

If you can’t do this classic one, try doing superjump (just a short one) ADF j.M j.H s.H hypergrab. That will make your Magneto playable until you get this 100% done. I use this ADF MMH sometimes when I don’t feel right about my input.

Thanks guys, I actually ended up learning the trad loop after realizing that I wasn’t actually plinking the ADD H H. I have to say though, it’s a really picky loop when it comes to things like height and timing. I’ll often drop it if I input the hyper grav too slowly or too quickly, or if I plink addf too quickly after sj, or if I’m too sloppy with my motions. Magneto doesn’t tolerate sloppy inputs.

Need help with my hyper grav loop, he always falls out before I can loop it and also its odd because I can manage to do it but only while in xfactor :(… Please watch teh whole video I need help :frowning: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FEViqThfEww&feature=youtu.be

You’re super jump height is too low and I don’t think you’re plinking H from you ADDF. Try assigning a button to LM then super jump a little high and make sure you’re plinking the j.H. Keep at it dude you almost got it.

Something that helped me personally was to delay everything as much as possible then speed up what was necessary.