Hyakki Goushou

Can any please tell me what Akumas Hyakki Goushou (Do Demon Flip and then press punch) is for? It seems like it has alot of lag after it is blocked. I was thinking that it is supposed to be mixed up with his demon flip grab. Can any1 give some insight into how they use this move.

it trades with shoryuken i think, but other than that it is the last thing i’d do after a demonflip.

It has great priority, it can be useful if the opponents is trying to jump away since it smacks them on the ground again.
Oh, I’ve seen it beat/trade with shoryukens.

Yeah, real good when opponents try to jump away & to trade hits.

After the Hayakki Goushou you have 4 options:

P = Its a Top Down, and smakks them to the ground, good priority. But sense the Goushou is basikally a Jump (a command jump), must opponents will be blokking high anyway, so the fakt that its a Top Down doesnt matter konsidering it is so slow; and sense it has horrible frame disadvantage, its not rekomended.

K = This is Goukis best option bekause of its good priority and frame advantage, and sense it has frame advantage, you kan kombo afterwards if it hits. Good for tikk throws and other mix ups too.

Jab + Sht = This is also a good option cause its unblockable and it puts them on the ground. Use this mixed up with K version and fouks on your opponenets playing style. If you see them resorting to turtle your rush down, use this to forse them not to turtle, then watsh for there mistakes.

No Input = All though this has frame disadvantage, it hits low. Sense your experiensed opponenet will know that you know that the P version is not a good option after the Goushou, then more then likely he will allways blokk low when he sees the Goushou koming, and inturn allways blokking this version of the Goushou, and sense its not safe… thats not good. Not only does low blocking give you oppoenent an advantage, it makes you time the Jab + Sht version of the Goushou later. This no input version of the Goushou makes the P version have a purpose. If you see the oppoenet blokking lowing after ever Goushou, use the P version, to start making him guess again.

The best time to use the Goushou is to either trail behind a Zankku Gouhadou, or more importantly, 2 in 1ed after a hit while your oppoenet is stuned in air. For example, after a Sht Tatsumakki, hit your oppoenet in the air with either a Sc.Frc(Standing Close Fierce) or a Sc.Fwd(Standing Close Foward). Then 2 in 1 that normal into the Hayakki Goushou and do a follow up attack (more then likely the K version). Another example is if you land a Sht Tatsumaki in corner, Use Frc Shoryuken cancel to Mesattsu Gouhadou. Use the Mesattsu Gouhadous juggle potenial to your advantage while there falling from the super art and S.Jab them and 2 in 1 the Standing Jab to the Hayakki Goushou.

There plenty of other uses. But im done typing for now.

^ the above post hardly made sense to me

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Well, I forgot that the Hyakki Goushou is the P version and not the name of the flip; and if it didnt make sence, read it a second time…

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