Hyaaaa! EEyyyaaa! Eeii! (work in progress)

Chun Li about to do her 2nd Super Art. 100% drawn on Photoshop. I’ll pencil and color later in the week. Thoughts?


not enough panty.

Can’t wait to see it colored. Sweet job.

Oooo… nice linework. this is gonna rock :slight_smile:

I really wish the blue lines didn’t obsure her face, though. maybe if you lowered the tansparency on the foreground effects?

<-- will be looking forward to the finished product!

I think you chose an excellent ‘still frame’ to work with. The only problem I see is dependant on what color you choose to adorn her in, because blue on blue wouldn’t work all that well. As for rook’s comment, I say leave the lines in front of her face, it works well with the flow and vibrance you’ve achieved.


Good work. I think the line over her face wouldn’t work as Rook said. maybe near her face, but not over.

A pink hue would be great for the color of her costume. makes great contrast with the blue bg as Master chibi said. Overall great work.

Oooh, pretty…

Yeah I agree. Color it up some.

Cool pic by the way on Photoshop.


this pic has a great start- cant wait for you to finish things up.:slight_smile:

The pose looks a bit defensive to me… If Chun-Li should lean her body backwards it’s only to stretch her foot forward, which is something she’s not doing so it’s a rather confusing shot.

And yeah, get those blue lines out of her face.

The drawing quality is friggin’ up there, anyway you look at it.

My computer isn’t working :frowning: So, uh, whenever my comp is fixed I’ll show everybody the final results.

This pic really needs a parrying Ken opposite of Chun Li, doesn’t it?

:lol: Try to add The Beast if possible.

Not much to say that others haven’t said, this looks to be a pretty cool peice. I’d definatly go with something other than her standard blue. Now get it done and post it! :stuck_out_tongue: