Hwoarang video thread

Can someone link to some? I looking to see how Hwo is played as a rush down, mix up character

I know I saw one on the event hubs link, but I can’t find it anymore for some reason. It was the Hwo+Xiayou video

Chris G won Big Two and LB Salty Battles yesterday with his team of Xiayou and Hwoarang. These videos I dunno where they came from but it really shows off how effective Hwoarang can be.

Can someone tell me the combos in this video? The inputs I mean.


@2:17, 5:00, 5:53, 8:25, 24:20.


Team Korea video is up =)


good shit eish, i need to learn how to implement fade away kick into my game!

did abel give up at the last second?

I call them team taekwondo, but that video was insanely helpful.

I never tried implementing flamingo into my footsie game, now I don’t feel so dependant on chainsaw kick

so. I love that above video. :slight_smile:

First Day Concept for people who are starting to play him. Not my best vid but something I was able to put together quick.


Check out at about 1:50. Gotta put that in my game. I almost never follow dynamite heel up on block, but i am going to mix it in.

Some of my Hwoarang and Raven at 4:02:00

I’m playing from ~2:15 till the end, i tried to implement his divekick into my pressure and it works pretty well. critisim appreciated…

@ Jon Slayton

Your Hwoarang is really solid, you did play very solid. You did some stuff unecessary stuff like punishing something with dp xx tag to end round 1, when you could easily just used a simple target combo into HK HH but thats just me pointing out little things I guess. Couldnt have done it better so gfs!

I’ll watch your stuff later mooChi and will edit my post

WeirdoNeo - there are some more videos on the channel


Chobixinco using Hwoarang starts at 3:00


Here is a quick combo video I made using Hwoarang and Ibuki. I hope you enjoy, let me know what you think.

Hey guys i recently released a team synergy combo video of hwoarang and law hope u enjoy sub/like/comm if ud like

not sure if anyone answered this but i believe the inputs are medium kick -> medium kick -> hard kick xx special
also this string does more damage then the mp lp ground bounce one

Nice. I use that team as well. They’re a fun pair.

But I believe that when tag cancelling into Law, using c.HP xx H. Somersault, c.MK xx Shaolin Spin Kicks does more damage than c.HP xx Dragon Knuckle Flight. I could be wrong, but it’s probably worth looking into.

Also I like using the team as they both have decent moves to cancel from on block to create good pressure (H. Hunting Hawk and Shaolin Spin Kicks). It’s no Xiaoyu, but it works much the same.

i will definitely check that out. One thing i realize about this game… less is more combo wise lol but yea i will check if c.HP xx H. Somersault , c.MK xx Shaolin spin kicks does more damage. thanks for the reply bro =)

poongko getting stupid with it